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Fuss N’ Fight

“No sense in me trying; time to let this go” – Molia & DeAndre

I’ve begun choosing my battles wisely. I, like most other people, hate to fuss n’ fight. I don’t like witnessing it and I most certainly hate being a part of it. But there are times when some battles are worth fighting. And then, there are times I know the battle is not worth the fight but my stubbornness gets the best of me.

I pride myself on being resourceful. I love research. With things being easily accessible and right at my fingertips thanks to smart devices, research and resourcefulness can happen pretty quickly. The other afternoon I made the mistake of asking someone a question I could’ve found within a matter of minutes on my own. Apparently, according to him, that’s not the first time I’ve done that with him. So you can say, he was pretty agitated with my question. A few minutes later I answered my own question, thanks to google. But what I realized in that one simple exchange was how effected I was by the patronizing and condescending tone he took with me. He may not have intended for it to come off that way, but I took it that way because it wasn’t the first time I was addressed in that tone by him The first couple of times it happened over the phone and in person. I bit my tongue those first two times, but you know what they say, “third times a charm”. I expressed to him what I felt and how I received his “constructive criticism”, said “ok” and “thank you” and went on my way. So what now? Well, I usually look to him to brainstorm and to confide in, but because I’m feeling a bit bruised, I’ll be more cautious and hesitant. I’m human. Things will blow over. I’ll be ok. It’ll just be a little difficult for me to feel comfortable asking him any questions now. Maybe I’m overreacting, but what I took away from the exchange is something I can improve upon both professionally and personally. We’re all a work in progress. My life is definitely that.

What constructive criticism have you recently been given that bruised a little Β more deeper than your ego? How have you best handled a person who responds to you with a patronizing tone?

Until next post,

Lia aka Lyfes Lyrics

Fuss N’ Fight” as performed by Molia & DeAndre

I’m tired of makin plans on my own,
I’m tired of makin the jokes on me baby,
No matter what I’m doing girl it’s wrong,
Tell me why your love is so hard to please yeah,
You had me wrapped around your finger ever since we started,
And though I gave you all my love you left me broken hearted,
Never enough, After what you always told me so,
No sense in me always tryin, time to let this go,

Everyday I cry,
I can’t keep holdin on like this, yeah,
Everything I try,
You always so quick to resist girl,
Every single night,
We can’t keep goin down these roads,
All we do is Fuss N’ Fight,
I’m through with arguing,
No I can’t hold it in no more.

Everything you doin to me,
It’s hard to take it in when your overdrawn,
It’s something I’ve been waitin for my whole life,
You couldn’t give me anything,
The perfect explanation for leavin you,
Has got me tired, I’m so tired, and I’m blamin you,
I won’t allow you to bring me down,
I promise that I, I’ll make it without ya baby


For all the fella’s in the buildin sick n tired of ya fussin say yeahh
Say Yeahhh
And all the ladies in the buildin sick n tired of the fightin say yeahh
To all my fella’s doin while ya dues, stop actin new it’s time your through say yeahh
To all my ladies that be puttin up now ya can’t take no more and ya givin up say yeahh
Say Yeahhh

(Deandre and Molia – every other line, last two lines together)


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