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“Kissing you is very nice. The rest of you is paradise.” – Cassie

The recent life changes and choices I’ve been making these past few months have stemmed from me consciously making an effort to be more in control of my mood when it comes to joy and happiness. Since having made those adjustments, I’m in a much more calm, happy and balanced mood these days. More specifically, since the beginning of March, I’ve been spending quality time doing things that make me feel like I’m on a natural high, as well as spending time with someone special who also has that same effect on me both mentally and physically. Hence, the inspiration for this post and the song choice of which to parallel my thoughts.

I may reside out here in the Midwest, but many of my subscribers and followers know I’m a Cali girl at heart. Palm trees, cruisin’ in a classic, unknown street style mixed with some known fashion brands, locs on lock, bamboo gold door knockers, bandana print apparel and of course, sun-kissed skin with hair blowing in the wind. Yup! That’s the me people don’t see often on this side of the country. The weather isn’t really friendly to wearing tank tops. Nonetheless, Cassie’s video Paradise speaks exactly to my personal style. I have many looks, but deep down, the cali girl in me gets shine most the time!

Lyrically, Paradise speaks literally to the range of emotions I’ve been going through recently related to the way a special gentleman makes me feel. When I say “gentleman”, I mean that in every sense of the word. He may not think so, but I FEEL so. It isn’t any one specific thing about him though. It’s many things that he says and does that leave even my inner voice speechless (I never thought that was possible). With him back in my life, I’ve found on many occasions that he has that effect on me whether I expect it, experienced it or not; which I have not. However, in the last 6 weeks, I’ve been enjoying the productive time as well as the quality time we’ve been spending together. The lyric “loud body language, no conversation” is exactly what it’s like between us. Not much needs to be said to communicate loudly what’s already being said with our bodies. That’s not to say that we don’t speak, because we do and Lord knows I love our conversations because they range from funny, witty, sarcastic to intellectual and even educational. That’s more than likely why I’m drawn to him. He’s interesting. He’s eclectic. It’d be cliche for me to say, but I”ll admit, he’s that diamond in the rough; the needle in the haystack. I see in him many things! I’ll keep the descriptive details to a minimal for now. All I know is that I’m at a happy and balanced place mentally and emotionally. Physically? Y’all know I’m a health and fitness nut, so that’s always a work in progress. I’ll leave out the physical effects he has on me. Y’all have imaginations. Let them run! As for him… “kissin’ [him] is very nice. The rest of [him] is paradise.”

What emotions do you go through when you think of the one you love? What song exudes those emotions?

Until Next Post,
Lia aka LyfesLyrics

Paradise as performed by Cassie f/Wiz Khalifa

So hot, don’t know what to do
Cuz I’m so shy, I’m fucking with you

[Verse 1: Cassie]
I know what I want now, no shade no hatin’
But if that’s your date then you need a replacement
No shade no hatin’, no lines no waitin’
Loud body language, no conversations
Just meet me in the back of the room
When I found out that you’re here
I wanted to do it here, I think we should vacay
You can be my souvenir

[Hook: Cassie]
Yeah, cuz kissin’ you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise
Got me shakin’ like a pair of dice
Body rollin’ like a pair of dice
I be fuckin’ with him every night
Fuckin’ with him every night

[Verse 2: Cassie]
I know what I want now
No wait, No patience
Don’t trip, won’t say shit
Private Location
No shade, No hatin’
Your girl can’t say shit
Loud body language, No conversations
Just let me do whatever with you
Give me some Im not scared
Give it back, yea I’ll share
Vacation at my place
I can be your souvenir

Yeah, cuz kissin’ you was very nice
The rest of you is paradise

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
I walked in through the back
Can’t go through the front my engine go in the back
Trunk go in the front
She was givin’ me brains while I was rollin’ one up
When I shoot it I score
When I hit it she jump
Don’t see no keys when I’m pullin’ up Keys
When I’m folding up, peace, let it roll about Wiz
Started going over seas and rolling up trees
I’m buying it all, I don’t like to tease her
Oh you ain’t heard?
I’m in the game
And I ain’t on stage darling but scream my name
So the next step’s we go get a plane
Then we fly a place where don’t nobody know us
Then I’m gonna wait to say what you want
Then I’m going in for a taste, especially below your waist
I got a plan for the place, I got a band for the case
You tell me play my cards right
I got a hand full of aces
Fucking with you every night
Body looking very tight
And um…


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