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Do You…

Love is a drug. I feel that anyways. I love receiving it, but I most prefer to give it. That’s not to say that I give my love to just anyone, because just as with my trust, people have to earn my love. I’m naturally a giving person, and yes, I’m a generous person to a fault. In these last few months that’s a flaw I’ve been trying to work on. In actuality, in these last few years, I’ve been giving too much of myself and especially my love to people that aren’t appreciative of it. They say they are, but their actions sing to me a different tune. All these recent blogs that have been coming out were written all in one sitting about what I had gone through when I was most in love and when I was most hurt by the ones that claimed they loved me. In fact, this blog, I scheduled back in January and completely forgot to even write what this song means to me. What it meant to me then, isn’t the same as what it means to me now.

I recently reconnected with a friend from college. Okay, so back in college he was more than a “friend” but today, I consider him a friend. I think I might have retweeted one of his blog posts and then just the other day he started following me on twitter. No, I’m not going into great detail about what he meant to me then, nor will I go into the many times he’s crossed my mind over these past few years. All that’s information that’s best kept between us two alone. What I will admit to is that I’m glad he found me on the blue bird. I hesitated a little bit about revealing myself to him, but he’s someone I consider to be a trustworthy friend. Plus the many mutual friends we do have, one of which is my best friend, there was a bit of respect I felt I owed him, especially having gone “MIA” for such a long time. So I eventually got around to that revelation. If his coffee didn’t wake him up that morning, I’m pretty sure the news of me being an old college friend was somewhat of a pleasant surprise. But I quite feel the pleasantry is more so felt on my end more than his. Either way, I’m grateful nonetheless.

In relation to this specific song, so many of my followers and subscribers know bits and pieces of me and my interests. It’s nice reconnecting with someone that knows all the people I know, has a lot in common with me, is familiar with who I am and knows what I’m currently going through and is able to give an objective opinion. From what I remember of him, he wasn’t one for many words. He kept to himself a lot. We had a lot of fun in college. Now? He’s more insightful and communicative with what he’s been through and is currently going through. He too blogs and I’m truly proud of how he’s found an outlet to share his life story. Most importantly, I’m proud of the man he’s become.

I don’t know why God has brought him into my life again. It was bound to happen eventually because the degrees of separation between us are literally only one person. I am very grateful for the reconnection though. I’m currently going through a tumultuous time in my own life, and over the past couple days I’ve shared that with him. I’m really actually appreciative that he’s just simply there for me. I don’t think he realizes the magnitude of my gratitude, but I’m sure he’ll stumble across this blog post and know that this post is about him. I’ve said thank you. I’ve expressed some personal thoughts and feelings to him. Who knows what the future holds for either one of us, I’m just taking things a day at a time. Whatever happens, happens. God wouldn’t give a person a second chance if He didn’t think that person deserved it or was ready. So if you’ve gotten around to reading this, thank you Karleton.

Do you like love? What about love, exactly, do you like?

Until next post,


Do You as performed by Miguel

Do you like drugs?
Have you ever felt alone?
Do you still believe in love?

But do you like drugs, do you like drugs, yeah?
Well, me too, me too, me too, babe, me too, me too
Do you like love, do you like love, yeah?
Well, me too, me too
It’s what we gonna do

[Verse 1:]
What about matinee movies and pointless secrets
Midnight summers, swim private beaches
Rock, paper, scissors, wait best out of 3
Mama said the greatest things in life are free
What about lust, what about trust
What about fun? She said, you know that I do
Oh you do baby, hope you do now
You do, do, do, do

But do you like drugs, do you like drugs, yeah?
Well, me too, me too, me too, me too, me too
Do you like love? Do you like love, yeah?
Well me too, me too
It’s what we gonna do

[Verse 2:]
Tonight, so let’s dance a little harder
Till I feel like I know
All the things

Do you like drugs, do you like drugs, yeah?
Well, me too, me too, me too, me too
Do you like hugs? Do you like love?
Feel like we got so much in common now
Right about now baby
Me too, me too
It’s what we gonna do
It’s you and me, yeah, tonight
You and me tonight
You and me tonight
You and me tonight
You and me tonight
You and me, yeah, tonight
You and me tonight, oh
Feel like I’ve known you for so long
Right about now baby, yeah, yeah
I’m wanna do you like drugs tonight
I’m wanna do you like drugs, oh oh…


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