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Playlist of 20 Things I Want To Do With Him… Unrelated To Sex

I make playlists all the time for when I’m in specific moods. This morning was no different, except for one minor detail. You see, most my playlists for my honey are to get us in the mood, but today I made a playlist of the 20 things I want to do with him that have nothing to do with sex. With every song, I coupled an activity I want to do with him and a reason why I chose that specific activity. He has yet to see the playlist, but I’m sure he’ll agree to all of them except one.

Let’s Chill – Guy

[20] I just want to chill and lounge on the couch with him while we watch either a movie or an NBA game. We hang out with our friends when we can, but booth of us are homebodies for the most part. To both be so young, we both go to bed pretty early. We often times call ourselves old people.

Cruisin’ – D’Angelo

[19] A cruise down the coast with him would be such a delight. The crazy work schedules both of us have and , we both definitely would enjoy a drive to get away for even just a weekend. I don’t know if he’d be up for doing things my way and getting lost for two days to a place where no one knows either one of us. I do that often. I haven’t since last summer. We’ll see what the future brings.

Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble

[18] I love role playing. I’d like to role play in public with him as if we’ve never met each other… and let improvisation take over to see where it leads.

On A Sunday Afternoon – Lighter Shade of Brown

[17] A walk in the park with my love just before dusk would be ideal! I’m a bit of a low maintenance kind of gal. I don’t ask for much but time and affection. When we’re done with a walk in the park, I’d enjoy swinging on the swings with him too! I’m a kid at heart, what can I say?

Love Me In A Special Way – Tamia

[16] Something as simple as a slow dance is what I’d prefer over any materialistic thing. The memory of him holding me and simply dancing with me is more important to me. I’m such a sap.

If Only You Knew – KeKe Wyatt

[15] I’m enamored by the fact that he can flow, but he sings too. I think a night of Karaoke with him would be fun! I’d sing this song and dedicate it to him. I never do that! I usually sing to my homegirls, but he’s worth a serenade. I’m such a hopeless romantic.

Natural Woman – Adele (live)

[14] I just want to spend a day cuddling with him, in just panties and his button up shirt. We’re such busy bodies, I don’t know if that will ever be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to hope and wish for it to happen, right?

I Want To Be Your Man – Zapp & Roger

[13] Watching a sunset from the beach sounds so cliche, but it’s what I want to experience with him while skipping rocks into the ocean. I told y’all, I’m a hopeless romantic.

Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing – Tammi Tarrell & Marvin Gaye

[12] As an amateur poet, I like to recite poetry aloud. A few hours in a library/bookstore with him randomly picking out books of poetry and reading them to each other would be so refreshing and romantic.

Back In Style – Joss Stone

[11] I’ve been through a lot as has my love. This specific song speaks to why I’m grateful for him, but especially to God for bringing him in my life. He makes me feel brand new. It’s with this song that I’d like to spend the day sharing music with him. His taste is as eclectic as mine, and I absolutely love that about him. So many people claim to have eclectic taste, but then I see their ipod and all they have is one particular genre of music. With my Love, simply put, he talks the talk and walks the walk.

Let’s Stay Together – Robin Thicke

[10] Dinner and a movie. Literally, there are movie theatres with a dinner table inside the movie theatre and a loveseat nearby. I’ve always loved the movie-going experience, but the added detail of dinner inside a movie theatre would be romantic.

Soon As I Get Home – Faith Evans

[9] My Love works long hours and I’ve noticed some of the workers he works with aren’t reliable. Being the hard worker that he is, he stays late to help. I often times wish I could teleport myself to his place and have dinner and a bath drawn for him so he has nothing to do when he gets home but sit and “veg” out on the couch. Knowing him, he wouldn’t want me doing any work that requires spoiling him. What am I going to do with him?

Party – Beyonce, Kanye, Andre 3000

[8] A night out dancing sounds like so much fun with him. I’d win that contest hands down! Yup! I said it! He’s sooooo going to beg to differ.

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty

[7] Sky diving! I’ve always wanted to go sky diving! I already know he’ll refuse to go along with me, but it won’t hurt to try and convince him to go with me. We shall see!

I Like The Way (Kissing Game) – Hi-Five

[6] What I wouldn’t give to play a game of one on one with him, but I’d really like to play a game of Kiss Tag with my Love! Yeah, I’d win this too! I said that too! And again, he’ll beg to differ. I’m pretty sure I’ll hear about it when he reads this post once it comes out.

More Than Words – Extreme

[5] Instruments! I love that my Love plays the same instruments that I do! He also writes songs! A day of co-writing songs with him is the BIGGEST wish for now… okay… that and… oh nevermind!

Spend My Life With You – Eric Benet & Tamia

[4] On my bucket list I want to attend every professional sporting event that exists. I’ve already been to quite a few, but I’ve learned that my Love hasn’t been to many. I wouldn’t want anything more than to share many of my bucket list experiences with him, but especially the sporting events experiences! What’s life if there’s no one with whom to share it?

Bag Lady – Erykah Badu

[3] I love my honey’s style! It’s as eclectic as his taste in music. Nothing over the top, nothing too stuffy, nothing too trendy, nothing too ‘hood, nothing too ethnic… just right (in my opinion). I just want to go clothes shopping with him to see how he chooses what he chooses. I love a man that can dress himself and look sharp whether it’s casual or business. That’s sexy to me! My Love does just that! I call it “NUMMY”!

Turn Your Lights Down Low – Bob Marley & Erykah Badu

[2] My Love and I adore Bob Marley equally. An intimate acoustic jam session with him would be a romantic natural high. This would be the song I’d want to record a duet with him. Whatever happens after that… well… a girl doesn’t kiss and tell.

I Need You Now – Smokie Norful

[1] This list of things I want to do with my Love wouldn’t mean anything if there wasn’t a foundation to it all. I want nothing more than to attend church with him.

What things do you want to take the time to plan to experience with the one(s) you love? Of what does your bucket list consist?

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