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There are 86,440 seconds in a day. It only takes less than 30 seconds for us to do several things in a day. Make our beds when we wake up, wash our faces, put on our socks and shoes and on a day when we’re rushing out the door we scarf down a banana and a cup of orange juice in less than 30 seconds.

In less than 10 seconds some of us can even update statuses, tweet a few tweets, express a thought on Path, upload a video on Viddy or a picture on Instagram. It takes less time to call someone and even less than that to text the person you love.

So then why, out of 86,440 seconds in a day, do some of us NOT take the time out of our day to text the ones we love/like? Now granted, the phone works both ways, but at what point does one stop playing games and just text the person they want? Personally, I’m the kind of person who will text a friend or family member out of the blue to check on them and to catch up with them for a few seconds, that’s if they have the seconds in their day. But in matters of love, things get a little tricky with texts and calls. There’s so much analytical hodge podge going on between two parties about what the other will think of the words that are texted, how they’re texted, the time span between texts and replies to texts, etc. But if the love is there, who’s to say that there are rules and guidelines as to how two people should communicate to each other?

Before I began writing this post I googled what other writers and journalists were saying about how to text/call a person. After reading through a few articles I wanted to punch every writer of the articles of which I read. I love games; board games, card games, video games, arcade games, but when it comes to my emotions and heart, I don’t like people who like to toy with those two things. No one does!


There are days I just want to get
“cookie wasted” to numb or even drown my thoughts. What good would that do? NONE! I don’t go out as much these days. When I do, it’s because my homegirls have dragged my fuddy duddy ass out to liven things up. I don’t party like I did when I was in college. I could very easily do that, but I don’t. With a child, that would be an irresponsible thing to do. But even if I didn’t have a child, I STILL wouldn’t revert to drinking as a means to suppress my emotions. I do that very easily by writing.

I say all this because I’ve reached a point where I am tired of being the first one to send good morning, how are you, have a great day and good night texts. At some point people should realize that on the other end of the phone is a person with feelings. When replying to a person that’s sending you a morning greeting, just be polite and text the fuck back. It’s the polite thing to do. Because honestly, ignoring a person whether you know him/her or not as well, is just plain mean. If it’s a person that annoys you, find a diplomatic and polite way to say “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in you. Thank you for the texts but I’d rather tell you how I feel than ignore you.” How hard is that? Waiting for them to get a clue simply creates more baggage for them.

I’ve sat here with my friends discussing the different scenarios on texting and we’re now all emotionally charged. We’ve laughed, cried, judged and even punched and pinched each other for how some of us have led on a man. I did more punching and pinching than they did because I can empathize with what it’s like texting someone and not getting a reply until late in the evening. OUCH! It hurts. I’m not going to lie. It only makes me regret opening up to a person who led me to believe that he was interested and ready for a woman like me. Why do that? Pursue me like you have time for me and then tell me LATER you’re life is busy?

Life isn’t fair. Love is just as much not fair as life. But you can best believe that the hopeless romantic in me will always have a spontaneous poem, silly joke or inspirational quote to text someone. I do that from time to time. Whether I get a response or not, I don’t care, yet I do.
I try my best to put out positive and loving energy in hopes that whoever is on the other end knows someone, somewhere cares enough to text them. If I’m not the one they expect to get a text from, it’s better something than nothing.

Do you love receiving good morning and good night texts? For
once, will you take the time to send out a nice text to random poem in your contacts, because that may very well
be the only caring text they receive all day.

Until next post,




3 comments on “86,440

  1. Nis
    March 5, 2012

    Aaah girl I feel ya!!! Common courtesy is all Your asking for!! Its a cowardly cop out for men/women to not respond an just be an immature ass about it!! I send Him a goodnight an good morning text everyday:) I’m a shot you my number cuz I would most definatley appreciate your inspiring, caring, warm texts/call!!!


  2. Moana M
    March 6, 2012

    I just went thru something similar… But admittedly I played both sides of the “game”… I wouldn’t purposefully (well not ALWAYS) ignore him, but I did. By the time I realized I actually wanted to start something, it was a little too late… I also realized that he wasn’t giving me enough of his time and I’m definitely high maintenance in that regard… So it worked out I suppose (whatever that means, right?) see ya on path!


    • LyfesLyfe
      March 6, 2012

      Thank you Moana for reading and commenting. We all have been on one end or the other in regards to being ignored or being the one who ignores the other. It’s tough trying to get to know a person but staying guarded because of the fear of getting hurt. Because of what’s happened in previous relationships, many never recover from the hurt and end up punishing they’re current interest without even knowing they’re doing that. Thanks again! See you on Path.



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