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Writing poetry has always come pretty easily to me, mainly because I am passionate about a lot of things. More specfically, I am passionate about living life. I know my homegirls would think that statement is ass backwards of me to say because I often tell them, “I’m not afraid of death.” I don’t really know why I’m passionate about specific things, but I can tell you that I owe it all to both my parents. Both my parents are jacks of all trades. They both have dabbled in many things, and growing up I’ve learned to love everything they loved.

My mom is extremely crafty. I’m not talking about scrapbooking crafty, although she’d be great at that too. I’m talking about full blown, pottery, glass blowing, crochet, knitting, interior design and fashion designing. She doesn’t have any sort of education in any of those fields, but she is by far the most creatively savvy person I know. No, that isn’t all she is into. My mom is also the most business savvy person I know. She has work experience in real estate, legal system as well as academia.

As for my father, he’s the real life McGyver. I’m being as serious as a heart attack. He an assemble anything without the instructions. He can fix anything without having any prior knowledge of how to do so. He can also play any instrument and do the things my mom does when it comes to craftiness, although he wouldn’t dare challenge my mom to anything she was passionate about because that’d be World War III. In addition to all the above, my father’s love for photgraphy and his military experience as a marksman were added bonuses to the interesting activities we did as a family during my childhood.

However, the main characteristic inherited from both my parents is athleticism. You name any sport and either one of my parents has played it. And as a kid, if my siblings and I took interest in a sport they knew nothing about, they tried their darnedest to help either one of us achieve our goals in that sport.

Witnessing their passion for life and passion for the things in their lives, I learned not to take the things I experience in this lifetime for granted. I say all this because many of my twitter followers and friends wonder from where I get my passion for writing. More specifically, they wonder from where my passion for poetry comes, especially my erotic poems. It’s quite unheard of for a Polynesian female to be open about sharing anything regarding love and sex.

Anyone that knows me,knows that I love pushing the envelope. In fact, I love simultaneously making a person feel uncomfortable, yet comfortable and when one’s done reading my work, they leave smiling. I’ve found that my erotic poems have that kind of an effect on readers. It isn’t that I try to make people squirm with my poetry, I’m just passionate about love and the things people do for love. A person’s reaction is not even a factor in my poetry writing sessions.

All my poems are rooted from real life experiences, thoughts and emotions. The poems that I wrote last year definitely stemmed from personal experiences and emotions. I am
Easily inspired by life experiences involving love. I actually write better when the topic is related to love. I can’t explain how my poems come to mind or where the words come from, but most of them come to me in song. Yes, I said song. I’m also a songwriter. Only recently have I been comfortable with sharing my work with a handful of producers and artists. Songwriting, for me, is just like writing poetry. Just as passionate as I am about poetry, I am that much more passionate about music. And sometimes, I turn a song I’ve written into poetry.

My passion for life and living it have helped hone my writing skills, in terms of poetry and songwriting. I’m learning that people who come across my blog are realizing that. I am appreciative that they share their thoughts with me because it encourages me to continue. It tells me that others are just as passionate about life as I am. Life itself is poetry. Learn to live everyday like it’s your last. I do.

What are you passionate about in life? Are you living the life you want to live? If you were assigned to write a poem that’s related to your passions for life, what would you write?

Click on the poem titles to see a few of the poems I’ve written.

Open My Heart To Love Again

Under The Stars

Moving On

Making Love In The Summer Rain

Missing You

Morning Ride

Last Night You Made Me Cry

Tongue Tracing Tattoos

Talk Techy To Me

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