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I’m still reeling from the cypher sets on the BET 2011 Hip Hop Award Show from last night. And last night I couldn’t contain myself, so I started tweeting on a trending topic related to the award show: Twitter Cypher.

What’s a cypher? It’s just lyricists freestyling (aka impromptu rapping). Because I’m a writer and have written poetry, rhyming comes easily to me. I’m somewhat of a music, movie and gadget buff (I guess that’s why I’m good at Trivial Pursuit and the game in Buffalo Wild Wings). I know a little bit about everything and yet I still feel like I know a whole lot of nothing. But that’s what makes a lyricist and emcee great at their craft. Knowledge about current events, music, movies, books and other subjects enables a lyricist to touch a wider audience. Those kind of lyricists are my favorite because it let’s me know that they read up on things and understand what’s going on in the world. It let’s me know that lyricists aren’t out of touch with society and their communities.

So when I decided to tweet on the hashtag #twittercypher, I knew instantly
that my followers would be surprised. They know I write poetry, but I’ve never shared “flow” bars with any of them. I owe the inspiration to someone dear to me and a good friend. It takes just an inkling of inspiration for me to write or tweet poetry and music. So I’ve decided to post all my twitter cypher tweets for everyone to read here instead of having people fish for them all on my timeline or mentions. I have not edited any one of the tweets because it’s raw and that’s what rap is to me: raw. But I will warn those of you who do not like rap, hip hop and/or profanity to not read any further. To me it is an art, for some they find the the play with words in rap songs offensive. Just don’t read pass this point. If you continue to read…. well… Enjoy!

#TwitterCypher hand me the mic. i ain’t doin this fo u 2 like. I’m just a poly who prefers 2 write. yea I said imma poly so u no I fight.

#TwitterCypher spittin game w/the rest. spittin game w/the best. just a few bars for y’all 2 digest. then do like they did 2 Africa n divest

#TwitterCypher u ain’t about nothin, so u all about sh!t. pay close attn to what I’m about 2 spit. take this personally then u a basic b!txh

#TwitterCypher in 140 characters lemme tell u sumthn. if u ain’ about #teamPOLY then u ain’t about nuthn. 1 luk @ our women n a nut u bustin

#TwitterCypher f*ck what u think if u think I’m lame. this ain’t my game. but it’s 1 in the same. gettin gwap, 2 the top, success is my aim.

#TwitterCypher bring em out bring em out. JayZ said it’s hard 2 yell w/the barrel in yo mouth. err girl like it whn a man go dwn south.

#TwitterCypher is u is or is u aint. u da rzn y @rickeysmiley on hur sayin hi 2 u n saints. Saddown somewhurr, cum harda MF u no u caynt

#twittercypher thirsty MFz on twitta be hella buggin. make it hodda fo nce guyz 2 get just sum huggin. all us women want is honest luvin

#TwitterCypher She ain’t me u no I do u betta. Ima independent woman w/mo chedda. she as dry as the mojave I’m the ocean u no I’m wetta

#TwitterCypher u didn’t want my luv. U said it wasnt enuf. u said a relationship w/me was hard 2 manage. F*ck u MF 4 all this baggage

#TwitterCypher how u gwan talk the talk n not walk the walk. rest yo eyes on us poly women & u bound to gawk. can’t hav nun tho n u say: WTF

#TwitterCypher is y’all ready fo this? Y’all ain’t ready fo sh!t. I’ll knock 1 out the park n all u’ll do in the game is hit a miss #Strike

#TwitterCypher hawaiians tongans fijians samoan. Get u 1 of dem n u gonna be moanin. knockin boots to reggae n u gonna b groanin.

#TwitterCypher u yappin lyk u can really do sum thangs. whn we both no u cant do much w/yo chicken wangs. holla @ the Cullens 2 uz thy fangs

#TwitterCypher got mad luv fo my poly men. cum correct tho. or this Flo .culd b cold. n u kno. that I kno. that i fa sho. Will steal da sho

#TwitterCypher got mad luv fo my poly men. cum correct tho. or this Flo .culd b cold. n u kno. that I kno. that i fa sho. Will steal da sho

#TwitterCypher lets set the record straight. 2morrow culd b 2 late. U unfollowed u blocked, y u hate? I ain’t sweatin u, ur man. not my bait

#TwitterCypher who am I? who TF r u? Don’t comin around hurr askin “What it do?” I’m a 1 man woman, only my boo. By by C ya lata. holla! Foo

#TwitterCypher y’all MFz thot I fell asleep? naw, y’all MFz b in bed b4 me countin sheep. didnt kno I could flo yall lukin lost like BoPeep

#TwitterCypher u have no reason 2 b jealous of me. U C, lemme
Let u in on a S-E-C-R-E-T. I’m a bXtch when my confidence meet ur insecurities

#TwitterCypher f*ck what u think. f*ck what u heard. all that bock bock is fo da birds. my flo is mean. Cut ur throat like a guillotine ;-P

#TwitterCypher lemme flo u a quick goodbye. pause. BXtch close yo eyes. u 2 grown 4 a lullaby. Im Shuttin sh!t down y’all. The end. GOODNITE

they say u gotta keep up w/da jonezez. leme deliva a message 2 u like Mailman Malonezez. Imma beat u @ ur own game best recognize who I is #twittercypher

Fk the fame gimy da riches. stick 2 da code we don do snitches. u do dimez n diamondz, err1 els do h*ez n b*tches #twittercypher

my flows tyt. my flows ryt. my flows nyc. cold as ice. if u no watz gud fo u, u’d no ima poly pitbull, I bite #TwitterCypher

no sense. makes no cents. that’s all u. my defense. my offense. Gold rushin like 9ers that’s how I do. #twittercypher

bwoi u barely stayin afloat. lemme send yo @$$ back to the
Islands on a boat. motioning my thumb across my throat #TwitterCypher

brigade? bwoi hav a seat n LISTEN. my defense like da Detroit Pistons. I’mDone now. dis is a possible mission #twittercypher

bwoi u trippin forrest gump gimpin what u sippin? u must thnk I’m slippin. 4 my boo only these hips b dippin #twittercypher

full course meal bwoi u aint redy 2 EAT u yap u chirp u TWEET flowin athongs only thing I’ll Make u do; SKEET #TwitterCypher

da dog Pound. No dog Found.we goin rounds. wlk away sayin “i despise her”. dwn u go w/my tongues tranquilizer #TwitterCypher

wnt sum?u dnt wnt nun! mohe a, aloha po. moce, manuia le po. thndrctz thndrctz thundercatz hoooo #polycypher

who knows knows. manolos blahnik. this flow doh is sick yo, we on it. still understand this flow so I continue in Ebonics #twittercypher

Until the next post,




4 comments on “Twitter Cypher

  1. Lafemmeroar
    October 18, 2011

    Love this: “Let u in on a S-E-C-R-E-T. I’m a bXtch when my confidence meet ur insecurities.” I just learned something new thanks to your post. 🙂


    • LyfesLyfe
      October 18, 2011

      It’s a motto I live by. When I first heard my BFF use it, I had a BINGO-light-bulb-moment. LOVED IT EVER SINCE 🙂


  2. Nis801
    October 21, 2011

    Hahaha Man didnt get to finish reading all of them and I will but damn girl I love it haha I freestyle from time to time especially when Im on a good one!!! Love it!!!


    • LyfesLyfe
      October 21, 2011

      Awww thanks for reading. Also, thanks for commenting.


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