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Mysteriousness of a Woman

It’s always fun to chop it up with people I follow and people who follow me on twitter. However, I’m the follower who spots that inkling of intelligence in a tweet and will ask the tweeter what’s on their mind. From just a tweet of less than 140 characters, stems an intellectual conversation about life
experiences and lessons. This follower was no different, which is why I wanted to feature him/her in my Guest Blog series.

This week’s guest blogger has chosen to remain anonymous. Quite fitting since this blog is about mystery (ironic because my followers know I’m a
mystery because of my faceless pics in my twitcon/avi/default pictures). I’ve found this person to be funny on twitter but it’s his/her more in depth tweets that I enjoy the most. Enjoy this post as I did when I first read it.


The Mysteriousness of A Woman

Besides the intial physical attraction, a woman’s mysteriousness creates curiosity. Curiosity creates interest. People are intrigued by mystery. Everyone wants to know how the magician does his trick, but once he reveals it he loses his mysteriousness and his aura dissapears. He becomes no longer extraordinary.

When it comes to attraction its all the same (to me that is). We all seen it in movies and stuff. Example? Spiderman (Mary Jane is intially attracted to Spidey but not to Peter Parker), Superman (same scenario as Spiderman), Grease 1 and 2 (do I really need to explain, I know you all are secret fans hehe). But this aint the movies right? Not when it comes to human nature.

When I look into a crowd of beautiful women, I see pretty faces, sexy figures, but its that one woman that stands out because of her confidence and mysteriousness that creates this aura that intrigues my curiosity to say to my boys, “oh damn! Whos that?!”. Now she’s got my attention and interest, yet I know nothing about her except how she looks. Call it shallow or whatever you want. Everyone has their own flavor. Like the saying goes, whatever floats your boat. I call it attraction.

Attracted to her mystery like a jig-saw puzzle set out on the table with all the pieces that im trying to solve. Everyone has their own “nautral” attractions but its his/her mysteriousness that intrigues your curiosity. You hear it all the time. “Whos that?”, “Whats his/her name?”, “What is he/she wearing?”. Everyone is curious. But when your flavor comes around your senses are drawn in closer. To solve the mystery of the beautiful woman who caught my attention. Like every mystery, the detective starts to ask questions. Who is this woman? What is her nationality? Where is she from? What does she do for a living? Where does she live? Why in the hell is she still single? Can we meet up later? But, like every mystery, every answer given starts clearing up the picture till you can make that determination, is the picture is a masterpiece? Worth spending your time on? Or a just a cheap copy. Something to shack up for the night. Either way you go, it was the her mysteriousness that got your investigation started.

Information is the enemy of mystery. The more I know about you the less mysterious you become. With every answer you give you become either more interesting, or you slowly remove any armor your wearing until you’re finally revealed and the mystery is then solved. When the shroud of mystery dissappears, she becomes ordinary, just another physical attraction or beautiful face.

Women need to keep their mysteriousness by using words as their weapons in the same manner that guys do as they commonly refer to it as “spitting game”… The more mysterious you keep yourself, the more attracted I become…

What intrigues you about a woman? Is mystery a factor? How do you begin to break down the walls of a woman’s mysteriousness? Have you been successful at doing so and did she maintain your interest after you discovered who she was? Or did the interest die?


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    October 6, 2011

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