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Music Minute: Stick To The Code


[#ipodonshuffle Stick To The Code@BSide801]

Man law. Girl code. Street Code. Movies incorporate them into their storylines. Musicians sing about them in their music. There are those unwritten codes EVERYONE knows about and EVERYONE abides by but when in a “politically correct” setting or when it endangers the lives of our loved ones we abide by our country’s Constitutional laws.

So what makes these unwritten codes the end all be all? Why do we abide by them if sometimes they are against the wishes of law enforcement officials? Three words: loyalty, respect and honor. Three of many reasons why most of us “stick to the code“. So why do we raise our kids to tell the truth, when later in life they learn that “snitches” and “tattle tales” and “whistleblowers” get no respect or love? I’m not judging people who stick to the code. Hell, I believe in sticking to the code. As a minority, only another minority would understand the “code mentality”. Walk a mile in our shoes and then judge us. I guarantee people who are quick to judge couldn’t last 5 minutes in my world or the world of people I know who abide by the “code mentality”.

I’m not going to lie. I get tired of people who fish for personal information of others and use their family and friends to obtain that information. They clearly don’t realize the predicament and riff they cause in a family by doing that. I know for law enforcement, it’s their job. But it’s the main reason why their profession is negatively portrayed in films. And we all know how movies can have some influence on the minds of those who don’t travel out of their little towns and little regions. They begin to believe everythng they see on the big screen. Yes, somewhere in this world, what is portrayed on the big screen is true, but not for ALL places and people.

Code mentality is an easy concept to grasp and understand for those of us who have been through some things. It’s a complex concept for those on the outside looking in. And then it’s the “mole” (the person who understands the importance of both worlds and plays both sides) that either gets the better deal or short end of the stick.

I don’t know how I came to abide by the “code mentality”, but I do. My family
has been through some things on all levels. Almost everyone has a relative in a gang, does drugs, lies, steals, abuses, cheats, etc. Yet most of us stand on the sidelines and observe from afar wrestling deep within about whether we should tell someone or stick to the code. Almost always,
most of us stick to the code or ignore everything all together so as not to complicate our own lives by telling
law enforcement officials. Whatever choice you make, know that you can’t ever win for losing. Either choice you make, not all parties go home happy. *shrugs* Best bet is… to stay your ass at home and hope that everyone else does too just to stay out of trouble!

Do you stick to the code? What are your thoughts on the code mentality?

[Watch for B-Side’s Stick To The Code video in the near future. But in the meantime, listen and buy his album: B-Side: B, Myself & I]

Stick To The Code as performed
By B-Side

1st Verse:

Why is it hard for you cats to stick to the code/
You ain’t a banger, You an emcee with an
empty chamber Stick to the flow/
You fear the streets, You see beef, reaction is slow/
You see me on the streets wussup, I’m ready to go/
and I don’t even bang but I’m just letting you know/
these shoulders blessed with hands, i love lettin em go/
sick flow infected, I block connected/
if i get it wrong then the burner correct it/
thoughts get collected, music invented/
i blow and i flow yet i’m so damn respected/
i can’t do you all i can do is be me/
in the industry the dimes and streets are all feelin me/
the code/


Stick to the Code, ain’t no other way to roll
Why you wanna pay for hoes,
you can play the game your way and that’s okay,
but it ain’t right,
why you wanna play with life,
snitching don’t make it right,
i’m trying hard to change these lives and that’s on mine,
stick to the code

2nd verse:

You know I stick to the code, don’t ask questions/
I know I’m nice wit da flow but stop ass kissin/
i know u showin me love and I appreciate it/
but u ain’t keepin it real over exaggeratin,
i got the combination to the game be yourself/
whether it’s the hood or them females, my music’s felt/
cause I spit from the heart and that’s a mandatory/
i represent for the park my whole life story/
and i hang with them thugs call em hood rydahs/
these cats is snitchin too much call em story providas,
i blow up errything i touch yeah i got the midas/
let it be known snoop said the games to be sold/
and never to be told it’s the code

Repeat Chorus:


6 comments on “Music Minute: Stick To The Code

  1. Well ya you have to take everything with a grain of salt, life now a days has evolved as much as the television. I mean back in the day you didn’t have to worry about locking your doors and you could trust everyone. Now with colored television with all of its bright visuals there are still those grey areas that aren’t always so sunny. You right take a walk in our shoes then you can judge us with your so perfect world eyes. Growing up with two parents where it was street smarts and book smarts always, and as a kid I had to grow up learning when and where to use both.


    • LyfesLyfe
      October 4, 2011

      It’s definitely a different day these days than what it was years ago. Thank you for reading and commenting. Come back again when I feature more poly artists (click on the tag Team Poly or the category Polynesian Perspective to find the first two posts where I featured Fiji and Siaosi’s music and lyrics) and another one of B-Side’s songs off the same album.


  2. B. Side (@BSide801)
    October 4, 2011

    Really diggin this post for obvious reasons! Honestly though, most ppl hear “Stick to the Code” and think of street mentality. For me as a Poly though, it all boils down to loyalty in all aspects of life meaning family, God, community, and most importantly yourself!



    • LyfesLyfe
      October 4, 2011

      Loyalty and respect. I definitely feel ya. Thank you for the inspiration B-Side. Much love!


  3. Nis801
    October 10, 2011

    Like B Side said it can mean a lot of different meanings. Also to me it means and represents respect, loyalty and life. What it means to me personally is if your going to be about something and have your life represent that…than be about it at all times. Take responsibility for the consequences that arise due to your choices and actions. I’m a down, sweet, kinda crazy female but I won’t write or speak about something that I’m not about in reality. Keeping it funky at all times! Lifes to short for anything else.


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