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Lyfes Lyrics: Kissing You

“Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.” -Romeo-

[#ipodonrepeat Kissing You – Total]

There’s an urge I get when I’ve finally gotten to know a person on a romatically personal level. I just want to kiss the person to feel the fluttering of my heart, churning of my stomach, shortening of breath and weakness in my knees. If you read my previous kissing post Whole Lotta Kisses, you now know that I’m a kissaholic. It’s part of the reason why I’ve personally claimed this week KISS WEEK. The other reason, well, that’s for me to know and for you to… uh… never find out. lol

According to a some studies, “Researchers have found that a passionate kiss unleashes a complex chemical surge into the brain which makes a lover feel excited, happy or relaxed.” No wonder I enjoy kissing so much. I enjoy pushing my body to different extremes. As an athlete, I’m an adrenalin junkie. So kissing can’t be any different, right? The rush of emotions and pheromones when passionately kissing your lover. WHEW! Writing about kissing has suddenly made the temperature in my room go up.

Ok… I had to take a sip of some ice cold water and G2 before I continue blogging (lol).

The anticipation of a first kiss is by far the most overwhelmingly toughest thing I’ve experienced (aside from the birth of my son). Ok, I’m just being overly dramatic, but I’m speaking what I feel and have felt. I’m a physical, visual, emotional and mental lover. I can’t help
imagining what it’ll be like not just meeting him for the first time but kissing him for the first time especially.

People always say lower your standards so as to not be disappointed. I’m sorry, when it comes to kissing, I can’t help but imagine that fireworks will go off, cannon balls will be shot, trumpets will be sounding and the angels from Heaven will be singing “HALLELUJAH… HALLEUJAH…”. Ok, there I go being overly dramatic again. So sue me. My heart is fluttering as I write this and I’m loving every second of what I’m feeling in this moment.

Total’s song is a classic jam and I’ve had my #ipodonrepeat on this song all day because “kissing [him] is all that I’ve been thinking of”.

What emotions run through your mind, body and heart when you’ve anticipated a first kiss? Was the kiss what you hoped it would be? Or more? Or disappointing?


Kissing You as performed by Total

Kissin you is all that I been thinking of
Kissin you is good

Don’t matter who knows
I don’t care who sees me
And thinking about you makes my life complete
And what I mean by that
That my whole world changes
You make me feel things that I never felt
I wanna kiss you

Repeat 1
Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you
Repeat 1

When I’m with my friends
I’m trying to figure out a way
To leave ’em behind just to get back to you
Oh, you’re my best kept secret
And that’s the way I like it
You’re my pride and joy boy
That’s why I’m dreaming of you
I wanna kiss you

Repeat 1
Kissing you so good
Repeat 1

You’re my pride and joy
You’re my baby boy
People ask me how I feel about you
They ask me if I love you (yeah)
Am I crazy for you (yeah yeah yeah)

Repeat 1
Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you
Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Kissing you is so good
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh yeah, I wanna kiss you
Repeat 1

I been thinking ’bout you, dreaming ’bout you, thinking about, you yeah, y eah
Repeat 1

Oh kissing you is so good
Got to have it, have your love that’s all I’m thinking of

Repeat until fade


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Inspiration. I wish i knew Savannah’s (Sr. from Metamora) IG. 🔥💪🏾#ihsa #state #shotput #thrownation
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💿⚫️🚨STATE CHAMPION ALERT🚨⚫️💿 Congratulations to Cassidy Clark @clark_the_shark10 of Mt. Pulaski Middle School on winning 🥇the #ShotPut for IESA 8th Grade Girls with a PR of 33’7.5” and 🥈placing 2nd in #discus with a throw of 100’3”. Everyone knows the throw events are about inches. Going into the finals for shot put she sat in 2nd place. No one in the finals had improved their distance. 😔Her PR coming into the state meet was 32’11” 👍🏾of which she threw the previous weekend at the sectional meet. In order for her to take 1st place, she needed to throw beyond 33’5”... 6” more from her PR. 🤔 Seeing her launch the shot out there was beautiful. The eruption of her entire family and friends speaks for itself. We knew she had punched a powerful one out there, we just didn’t know how far... 🗣Turn the volume up to hear it all play out!🗣 Thank you to the Clark Family and Friends for such an awesome support base for Cassidy. It’s absolutely amazing and humbling to be her coach. Thank you Coach Johnson of @aretethrowsnation and Coach Angel @coachangeldls for your ongoing support and efforts. #ATNMidwest truly appreciates everything you do for the greater good of this sport and the #throw events! #atn #aretethrowsnation #tcr #throwingchainreaction #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #fieldnation #thrownation
The Track Season in Review: 2 weeks left with my @hfvikingsthrows boys. This season has been one to remember! Being a part of both the 2018 HF Boys and HF Girls Track & Field programs has been an honor and learning experience. Both Head Coaches have put in a lot of work preparing their teams for a successful season. State is this week for the girls and next week for the boys. I’m excited to get back to the drawing board for the off season once the season has come to an official end. If they thought weights during the season was tough, it’s about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN! 😏 #GoVikings #HFTrackandField #RedSmoke #HFFamily #HFVikingsThrows #HFThrows #TrackAndField #FieldNation #TrackNation #TrackLife #Blessed
To my beloved athletes: The greatest part about being a #coach is getting to know my athletes and their families. I consider each and every athlete I work with my child. My compassion for each athlete working to better themselves comes from a motherly perspective. Thank you to every athlete I’ve worked with over the near decade I’ve been coaching and personal training! I truly appreciate your time, effort, work ethic and especially your love in return. I’m humbled by the trust and confidence each of you give me. Lord knows I’m grateful for the gift with which He’s blessed me and in return I’m able to share with all you talented throwers. Mālo aupito! Ofa lahi atu, Coach #coach #mother #athletes #thankful #happymothersday #icantfiteveryoneinthispost 🤦🏽‍♀️lol


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