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[#ipodonrepeat Confirmed Love – @SiaosiLive]

When a couple has reached the point in their relationship when they finally start saying I LOVE YOU, it’s a beautiful thing. One problem: exactly how many times do they say it before it gets over used?

For most guys, they ease up on the use of the phrase, especially around their homeboys. But for most women, they want to hear it all the damn time! I’m sure you’ve now noticed that I said “damn”. I sure did. I’m one of the few women who would rather a man SHOW me he loves me than tell me he loves me all the time. “Actions speak louder than words”, right? Too bad most women are emotional creatures and want to hear I LOVE YOU all the time for reassurance. I assume it’s reassurance. I wouldn’t know because I’m the woman who shows more affection than I say it.

Last week and the week before I was going in on a hashtag I started on twitter: #ImTheWoman. I was tweeting about things that I’ve done in my past relationships to show affection and love. My most retweeted and favorited tweets of the #ImTheWoman hashtags were:

“I’m the woman who will make my boo a brown bag lunch daily and leave a love note/poem on his napkin #Appreciation”

“I’m the woman who will show up to my boo’s job in a trenchcoat on his 1 hr lunch break #Surprise”

“I’m the woman who will have a candle lit dinner in front of the tv with my boo while the football game is on #SpoilHim”

“I’m the woman who will drag my boo shopping with me and reward him in the dressing rooms for keeping me company #SpiceItUp”

“I’m the woman who will iron my boo’s work clothes for the week on Sunday so that there’s time for a morning rides #SpoilHim”

“I’m the woman who wakes my boo up in creative ways #SpiceItUp”

“I’m the woman who sexts her boo throughout the day to keep him going so that he can rush home #SpiceItUp”

“I’m the woman who role plays in a public place with her boo like we don’t know each other #SpiceItUp”

“I’m the woman who lies on her boo’s side of the bed so that when he comes to bed it’s warm. Then I snuggle up to him to warm myself up.

“I’m the woman who will protect and fight for my boo by any means necessary”

“I’m the woman who will sex my boo every and any which way known and unknown to man”

It’s a bit ironic that I just said I’m a woman of actions more than words and yet I went on a tweeting spree with the #ImTheWoman hashtag. Assbackwards, I know.

Now I tweeted all of that because that really is the kind of woman I am. I’ve done things differently in my past relationships and have learned quite a bit about myself. I’ve learned to show my love more and say I love you less. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t
say it often. It just means when you say it, truly and genuinely and deeply mean what you say. Don’t force your love to say it. Let him/her say it on their own. The pressure to make your love say it, especially with everytime you end a phone call, will only make them avoid saying it in future conversations.

Ladies, randomly do nice things for your man and you’ll hear more I love you’s than you would’ve asked for initially. Be creative and have fun, but let your love say it when he wants to say it. If he doesn’t say it enough, mention it to him once and move on. If he continues with hardly saying I love you, turn things up a notch and make him beg for what you have to offer and then show him how much you love him. When you’re done, if adventures have continued into the morning, make him breakfast in bed. Spoil him rotten and eventually he’ll come to notice exactly why he loves you so much. Relationships are work. Just as you feel he needs to earn your love, the same goes for you. Love is a two way street. In order to get love you have to be willing to give it.

How do you express your love? Do you wish your lover would say I love you more often?

Confirmed Love as performed by @SiaosiLive f/Kiwini

Verse 1
Sometimes expressing feelings can complicated
Saying I love you all the time is over rated
It doesn’t justify the way I feel inside
All the words can’t explain when you know that its right

How many more I love you’s do you need
How many more kisses till you see
If there’s another way I’ll show you what you mean to me
How many more need listen here’s the thing honey yes I do love you

Verse 2
Them three little words you always wanna hear
I hope you know my soul is in for real
The little things I do for you
should tell you what we have is true
I can be a little distant it don’t give you a reason
cos this is what I feel for you


Baby Let me tell you this is not a debate
Listen up sit back and wait let me have to translate
All I’m gonna tell you are the things I hate
I really hate to not love you, hate to not care for ya lately
On a hot summers day unsweet lemonade
Reclined in the evening shade, my love is worth more than that yup its a fact
Honey you know I love



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Several of these young men are now realizing that #trackandfield should’ve been a major part of their lives earlier on in their #athletic careers at HF. Tomorrow they lay it all on the track at the @ihsa_il Boys State Final Meet. Last week, our HF Girls Team were Runners Up. This week I’m praying our boys pull out a #team win. 💪🏾 #GoVikings #hfboystrackandfield #tracknation #fieldnation #tracklife #coach #athlete
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In March 2017, @pttheshaq introduced @clark_the_shark10 to #shotput and #discus. Brett Young, father of #KDYoung of @gamecockthrows invited her out to a session we had scheduled May 2017 to prepare her for 2017 @usatf Jr. Nationals out in Sacramento. The rest is history.... Thank you to the Mount Pulaski Board Members 🏛for recognizing Cassidy Clark on her recent athletic achievements 🥇🥈at the 2018 #IESA #TrackAndField #StateChampionship Meet. 🔥💣 I absolutely am blessed and honored to be her #coach. These next few years are going to be a blast! Thank you to Cassidy’s support base, both family and friends! 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I truly appreciate all of your words of encouragement and praise! 👏🏾Each of you keep me inspired and motivated on days when I have to work harder to keep her focused and drive. 💪🏾Thank you to Gale and Michele Clark for trusting me with your beloved daughter! 🙏🏾She’s a hoot! 😘Thank you also to Coach Erik Johnson 🙌🏾 of @aretethrowsnation and @coachangeldls🔥💪🏾! #atn #aretethrowsnation #tcr #throwingchainreaction #blessed #athlete #tracklife #throwernation #fieldnation
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💿⚫️🚨STATE CHAMPION ALERT🚨⚫️💿 Congratulations to Cassidy Clark @clark_the_shark10 of Mt. Pulaski Middle School on winning 🥇the #ShotPut for IESA 8th Grade Girls with a PR of 33’7.5” and 🥈placing 2nd in #discus with a throw of 100’3”. Everyone knows the throw events are about inches. Going into the finals for shot put she sat in 2nd place. No one in the finals had improved their distance. 😔Her PR coming into the state meet was 32’11” 👍🏾of which she threw the previous weekend at the sectional meet. In order for her to take 1st place, she needed to throw beyond 33’5”... 6” more from her PR. 🤔 Seeing her launch the shot out there was beautiful. The eruption of her entire family and friends speaks for itself. We knew she had punched a powerful one out there, we just didn’t know how far... 🗣Turn the volume up to hear it all play out!🗣 Thank you to the Clark Family and Friends for such an awesome support base for Cassidy. It’s absolutely amazing and humbling to be her coach. Thank you Coach Johnson of @aretethrowsnation and Coach Angel @coachangeldls for your ongoing support and efforts. #ATNMidwest truly appreciates everything you do for the greater good of this sport and the #throw events! #atn #aretethrowsnation #tcr #throwingchainreaction #trackandfield #tracklife #tracknation #fieldnation #thrownation
The Track Season in Review: 2 weeks left with my @hfvikingsthrows boys. This season has been one to remember! Being a part of both the 2018 HF Boys and HF Girls Track & Field programs has been an honor and learning experience. Both Head Coaches have put in a lot of work preparing their teams for a successful season. State is this week for the girls and next week for the boys. I’m excited to get back to the drawing board for the off season once the season has come to an official end. If they thought weights during the season was tough, it’s about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN! 😏 #GoVikings #HFTrackandField #RedSmoke #HFFamily #HFVikingsThrows #HFThrows #TrackAndField #FieldNation #TrackNation #TrackLife #Blessed
To my beloved athletes: The greatest part about being a #coach is getting to know my athletes and their families. I consider each and every athlete I work with my child. My compassion for each athlete working to better themselves comes from a motherly perspective. Thank you to every athlete I’ve worked with over the near decade I’ve been coaching and personal training! I truly appreciate your time, effort, work ethic and especially your love in return. I’m humbled by the trust and confidence each of you give me. Lord knows I’m grateful for the gift with which He’s blessed me and in return I’m able to share with all you talented throwers. Mālo aupito! Ofa lahi atu, Coach #coach #mother #athletes #thankful #happymothersday #icantfiteveryoneinthispost 🤦🏽‍♀️lol


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