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All too often one person in a relationship puts their dreams and goals on the backburner to help the one they love fulfill their dreams. But at some point that sacrifice begins to fester and turn into a bit of regret and resentment. I have and am going through that at this particular time in my life. I don’t share much of my personal life in my blogs because it’s not energy I want to put out, because I know all to well that same energy will come back to me. Today, I feel like venting a little. So… vent I will.

I’m too generous; to a fault. I’ve done what I’ve been asked and requested and even required, but as my birthday nears, I’m getting to a point in my life where I want happiness for myself. I want to be selfish for once in my life. I have responsibilities, I know that, but I’ve given up my Olympic dreams so that people in my family could live their lives out loud. When will I get that chance? As of late, I’ve been writing more: blogs, songs, scripts and mini book series. It’s been my source of comfort and an outlet (other than music) to express myself.

In the polynesian culture, I’ve witnessed too many skilled and talented women who could be doing a whole lot more with their skills than being barefoot and pregnant while their men go out and work and then immediately go from work to kalapus (kava circles). When do we women get a chance to live their lives out loud? Isn’t it enough that we give you kids, watch them, cook for you, run errands, do the laundry and complete any other domestic task so you can go to work and do what you want to do with your boys leisurely? We want the same thing too and without any lip from you when we get back home.

As I sit here listening to Jennifer Hudson’s song Spotlight I’m thinking about the sacrifices I’ve made so others could live their lives out loud. Well, at this moment, I’m done. I’ve had it with putting my dreams aside. I’m not getting any younger, that’s obvious. I’m no spring chicken either! My Olympic dream hasn’t fully passed because I can still compete unattached. So I’ll revisit that dream later. But the dream I’ve been really focusing on lately is my writing.

I’ve been writing since I was in middle school, but it’s only been until lately that I’ve been coming out of my shell and sharing my work with people outside my circle of trust. For instance, I just did a song-by-song review of an album for an artist. A couple songs on the album were inspiring enough that I wrote a verse for one song and am writing another verse for another song. One problem: these are rap verses. I don’t flow. I write poetry, blogs, scripts, etc. The music moved me so much that I felt compelled to drop a verse. Rapping is out of my comfort zone. I’ll recite poetry, but rapping? Yeah, not my strong suit. Yet this is an opportune time for me to live out loud, right? Not so easy for me when it comes to rapping because I’ve never shared that skill with anyone but my homegirls.

I’m trying to be open to constructive criticism and feedback with others, since I’m always the one sharing my opinion on the works of others. There’s only one person I feel comfortable sharing ALL my music related work with and that’s my baby sister (She’s not really my baby sister, but she’s like the baby sister I’ve never had and we’ve known each other for almost 12 years. We have the same interests in every aspect of our lives. She the friend that I can speak to with just my eyes alone and she’ll know exactly what I’m saying).

I don’t blame being this shy with my work on anyone else but myself, I’ll be the first to definitely admit that. However, I feel like had my mom been more supportive with my love for music at a younger age I’d be more confident with sharing my work with others now. Anytime I did do anything musically related it was a song my mom chose and at a family event. Don’t get me wrong, those are fun times, but I wanted to be able to freely choose and sing what I wanted. That wasn’t EVER the case growing up. It was either her way, or the highway.

At some point these men will have to recognize that we women have more skills, talents and gifts than laying on our back or hittin’ it from the back (even though I can handle that too), giving them kids and raising them too. Don’t underestimate what you think a woman can do. Nine times out of ten, she can do 100 times better than what you assume.

Listen to Spotlight carefully. Understand that when a woman’s dreams are suppressed to the point where she loses herself in the relationship, she’ll begin to resent you for not recognizing her dreams and goals for life. Men, if you ever wonder why she’s not kissing or hugging you back when you show her affection, there’s a reason. She’s more than likely resenting you for not being sensative to her wants as they relate to her dreams and goals in life.Trust me, I know this story all too well. For me, I felt like a prisoner and often times felt suffocated, like I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t fully be me and over the years I had built up feelings of resentment towards the people who did not see that my sacrifices contributed to their successes. I don’t care for the credit for their successes, I want the acknowledgement that I played a part though.

So this post is to all the women living that quiet life, but want to scream out to someone who is willing to listen. I feel you. I can empathize. I don’t like living under anyone’s spotlight and I don’t expect anyone to live under mine. A couple should be able to collectively shine their lights. One should make the other feel as though their light makes their own light shine brighter.

“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”  -Oprah Winfrey-

Spotlight as performed by Jennifer Hudson

Are you a man who loves
And cherishes
And cares for me?
Is that you?
Is that you?
Is that you? yeah…
Are you a guard in a prison

Maximum security?
Is that you? Is that you?
Is that you? yea eh…

Do we stay home all the time
Cuz you want me to yourself?
Is that
you? Is that you?
Is that you? yeah…
Or am I locked away
Out of
fear that i’d find
Someone else
Is that you? Is that you?
yea eh…

Well, I don’t like
Living under your spotlight

Just because you think
I might find somebody worthy
Oh, I don’t like

Living under your spotlight
Baby, if you treat me right
You won’t
have to worry

is this a relationship
Fulfilling your needs
well as mine
Is that you? Is that you?
Is that you? yeah…
Or is
this just my sentence
Am I doing time?
Is that you? Is that you?
that you? yeah…
If this is love
Real, real love
Then I’m staying
no doubt
Is that you? Is that you?
Is that you? yeah…
But if I’m
just love prisoner
Then I’m busting out
Is that you? Is that you?


Well, I don’t like
under your spotlight
Just because you think
I might find somebody worthy

Oh, I don’t like
Living under your spotlight
Baby, if you treat me
You won’t have to worry

Oh, you oughta be
Ashamed of
What the hell
Do you think you’re doing?
Loving me, loving
So wrong
Baby, all I do is try
To show you
That you’re my

One and only guy
No matter
Who may come along
Open your eyes

Cuz baby, I don’t lie

Well, I don’t like
Living under
your spotlight
Just because you think
I might find somebody worthy

Oh, I don’t like
Living under your spotlight
Baby, if you treat me
You won’t have to worry

Well, I don’t like

Living under your spotlight
Just because you think
I might find
somebody worthy
Oh, I don’t like
Living under your spotlight
if you treat me right
You won’t have to worry


2 comments on “Lyfes Lyrics: Spotlight

  1. b
    September 7, 2011

    Excellent post! To the defense of the male counterpart, the pressure of following tradition as far as roles in the family can easily blind us to the fact that we all have dreams. I remember first meeting my girl and I told her that I thought she had what it took to be a model.

    Growing up as a traditional daughter in the Polynesian community, she kinda laughed and shook it off. However, she also told me that she’s always dreamed of being a model. What I’m saying is that as a young Polynesian woman that was accustomed to performing various chores around the house, it was hard for her to think outside the box.

    On the flip side, us as men in the Polynesian culture feel pressured to do whatever it takes to feed the family, even if that means following a long life dream. I never really tried to hold her back from following her dreams, but I guess I could be more encouraging.

    Just My Thoughts,

    P.S. Rap Out Loud! It’s refreshing!


    • LyfesLyfe
      September 7, 2011

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      We appreciate the hard work and sacrifices our men make for their families. I just see our beautifully talented and skilled Polynesian women and want more for us because I know we can contribute just as much as the men do.

      Thanks for the insight 🙂

      And… uh… I’m still trying to get comfortable in my own skin with the rapping. lol


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