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Tongue Tracing Tattoos


Close your eyes. With this tongue, let me make you realize…
those shapes, portraits, words and lines…

Make me want to do some thangs with my tongue…
I want to make you lose your breath as if you have a collapsed lung.

Your body, the perfect canvas, it’s crevaces and creases…
The lucky artist that permanently etched such masterpieces…

Running my fingertips across your body’s art…
Isn’t enough to show my appreciation so… take a deep breath… and let me start…

My eyes carefully search for a place to begin…
For my tongue’s travels of this journey of sin.

The geometrical shapes, sharks tooth triangles, tapa, shield, coat of arms, quotes and portraits…
My mind, body, mouth and kitty simultaneously salivate.

Shall I begin with the piece I specifically designed for your gorgeous exterior?
Blessed you authorized my creativity upon your Greek god of a body. SUPERIOR!

Where shall I start? High or low?
This tongue is ready to make your juices flow.

Shall I start with the tribal tattoo on your calf or thigh?
I think I’ll wait to go low. So let me start high.

Shall I start with the art on your chest or neck?
Hmmmm… I think starting with your hands and arms is best.

I straddle you as you sit up in a comfortable position, propped up by pillows in bed.
I gently and passionately kiss you just before all is said.

I blindfold you to keep you from peeking.
Slowly lifting your tatted fingers to my mouth, my tongue begins speaking.

Grateful for the masterful art upon your fingers.
My tongue traces the words and lines I feel your shivers.

Kissing the portrait upon your forearm.
Of the lost loved one fallen from this world’s harm.

Trying to maintain control, your other arm grasps my thigh.
Beneath me, as I am seated atop you, I feel you rise.

Anxiously awaiting my next touch. You await to see how I show my love.

I continue on up to your inner bicep and shoulder.
Your grip on my thigh gets a bit bolder.

These areas aren’t usually as sensitive to you.
But you’re realizing my tongue makes you do things your body wouldn’t normally do.

Soflty kissing your tribal tattoo around your collar bone,
Tracing and licking your artwork like an ice cream cone.

I feel the anxiety within you with every soft kiss and tongue flicker.
I exaggeratingly inch my tongue its way up to more portraits and pictures.

Upon your chest the edges of your tribal tattoo necklace.
I hear your breath and heartbeat beginning to increase their pace.

I stop for a brief second to place my hand upon your rapid, palpitating chest.
But your hand moves from my thigh to my ass, a sign you want my tongue to continue it’s quest.

A quick tongue flicker upon your nipples before I explore your back.
This session of tattoo tongue tracing has you feeling like a feining addict for crack.

I slowly arise from my straddle position. You playfully frown wanting me to stay.
My passionate kiss reassures you I’m not leaving in any form, shape or way.

I sit down, straddling you from behind. Ready to pleasure the artwork on your back. DIVINE!

I comfortaby wrap my legs around your waist.
I’m ready to continue this game of taste.

The greatest tattoo of all your body’s art is that which I am about to explore.
What I’m about to do to you will make you drop from your knees to the floor.

I lick my lips and moisten my mouth and tongue.
Preparing to show you how a real lover loves.

Gently scaling your arms with my fingertips and fingernails.
Kissing and licking your history, our stories and tales.

Nibbling and gently sucking on places of your tattoo where it speaks of food and drinks.
You grab my legs pulling me into you to feel the warmth between me, against you like that of a soft yet tamed minx.

Not shaken by the sudden move you made.
I return the gesture with a bite on the shoulder blade.

You gently rub my calves sending me a subliminal apology.
I kiss what I just bit forgivingly.

I release my legs from around your torso.
You try to keep me there wondering where it is I go.

I whisper gently into your ear “I’m far from done!”
You whisper joyously “more? okay hun!”

I surprise you with a kiss and lick on your calf.
My tongue, lips and mouth begin to explore your tattoos on your lower half.

Gently placing… licks, sucks and kisses.
Carefully tracing… not one spot my tongue misses.

Heading upward to the medley of Tongan and Samoan inspired tattoos upon your quads, hams and thighs…
You squirm but contain your moans, groans and sighs.

Up to your hips and the art on yout rock hard abs.
Enough to make a grown woman like me spazz.

I lay you down and straddle you this last time.
Taking your blindfold off, you gaze into my eyes. I see I’ve left you feeling sublime.

Oooh! Below me, I feel “something” has arisen.
What I’ve just started is far from an end.

So here’s the advice I freely give to you…
Try my kind of foreplay: Tongue Tracing Tattoos.

Dwayne @THEROCK Johnson



9 comments on “Tongue Tracing Tattoos

  1. AG
    August 28, 2011

    Never thought I’d want a tattoo…


    • LyfesLyfe
      August 28, 2011

      LOL!!! go and get one and then find someone willing to trace your tattoo. Hehe


  2. Chef Ivan
    September 17, 2011

    Never had that done to my tattoo. Good one. Never thought body art could be so sensuous!


    • LyfesLyfe
      September 17, 2011

      Find the right person to do some tongue tracing… with or without tattoos! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.


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    • LyfesLyfe
      October 18, 2011

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Read more of my posts when you have time. 🙂 thanks again


  4. Grover
    November 26, 2011

    OIAUE tongue tracing eh…Malie YFL


    • LyfesLyfe
      November 27, 2011

      lol @ your email. you’re hilarious! Thanks for reading. There’s more to come. Stay tuned…



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