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Eyecandy Elite: Mya Richardson

Alrighty men! I meant to schedule this to post at midnight but my friend’s (Tui Volo) poetic conversation inspired me to post three posts last night. So I won’t keep you waiting with your second Eyecandy Elite feature…

Here… We… Go…

Mya Marie Richardson (@missmya)


Born in Washington D.C. on October 10, 1979. She’s a LIBRA!!! woohoo!!! (I’m a Libra as well).


Mya is of Italian (mother) and African-American (father) descent.


Her love for dance, specifically tap dancing, is what led her to her big break in the music industry.


Before her debut album was released, her collaboration with Dru Hill on the song “It’s All About Me” catapulted her as an artist into the music spotlight (one of my favorite songs of the late nineties).


In 1998, at the age of 18, Mya released her debut album titled Mya. Her singles It’s All About Me, Movin’ On and My First Night With You was given a warm welcome from listeners (eventually turned fans).


Fans love her sauciness and talent!!!


Her sense of style and edgy look always reminds fans to keep coming back for more.


My all time favorite song of her’s is her collaboration with Beanie Man on Girls Dem Sugar, obviously because of the reggae influence.


I often mimic some of her past looks. She’s extremely fashion forward.


In 2000 Mya released her sophomore album Fear of Flying. Her single Best of Me did really well, but the remix featuring Beanie Siegel and Jay-Z captured the eyes of many male fans. Carolina blue 23 jersey as a dress? Yup! That’s one sure way to capturing a male following (The jersey-dress trend officially began after this video aired. I told you she is fashion forward).


The following year, 2001, is the year Mya did her Lady Marmalade epic collaboration with Pink, Lil Kim and Christina Aguilera. We ALL remember the award show performances, don’t we? WHEW!


2001 was the year Mya found herself collecting awards for her collabo on Lady Marmalade (congratulations mama! MWAH!)


Then the KING MAGAZINE photo shoot!!! All you men remember those photos, right?! Let me help you refresh your recollection.


Remember now? No?


Still no?




While honing her acting skills in movies such as Chicago, Havana Nights and Shall We Dance, In 2003 Mya released her third album, Moodring. Her first single ‘My Love Is Like Whoa’ was the lap dance anthem of that year.


Mya’s 4th anticipated album title ‘Liberation’ was accidentally released, but did really well in Japan. So she released two exclusive albums in Japan in 2008 (Sugar and Spice) and 2009 (The Perfect Edition).


Her most recent album was released in April 2011 titled KISS: Keep It Simple & Sexy.


She owns her own record label and she’s a philanthropist TOO!!!


Keep an eye out for her men!!! She flies under the radar, but is a force with which to be reckon.



Until next time…

XoXoXo @LyfesLyrics


2 comments on “Eyecandy Elite: Mya Richardson

  1. FatFemPinUp
    August 17, 2011

    I. love. her. gorgeous.


    • LyfesLyfe
      August 18, 2011

      I’ve always been a fan. She’s different and edgy! Adorably talented and petite. She’s about 5,5″. I met her in DC at a summit. Love her sassiness!


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