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10 Helpful Reasons to Use Favorites


Have you ever wondered why twitter favorites exist? Well, you’re not the first person to wonder what the purpose of the favorites feature for which are supposed to be used. I use them for several reasons, which I’m sure many of you have used them for some of the reasons in which I use them. I find my favorites to be a great way to remind myself of things I need to live by, think about, read about, watch, listen to and share with others. I reference my favorites every day.

Below are a variety of ways I’d recommend you use your favorites if you don’t already know the purpose of it.

• Reply Back

My timeline moves quickly, but even so, I still read every tweet (I don’t know how some of these accounts who follow thousands see all that comes through their timeline. I have a hard time with the 150+ that I have. Eek!). There are so many great ideas and funny and entertaining tweets that I try to reply back to but can’t keep up sometimes, that I end up favoriting them so I can reply back at a later time.

• Must share

Every day I find a tweet that I want to share with someone specific in my life. It’s usually when I’m driving and on the go that I scroll quickly through my timeline and can’t immediately find the person on twitter with whom I’d like to share the tweet. So I favorite it quickly to share (via mention) the tweet with them later.

• Affirmations

I’m a very positive person. I’m constantly repeating positive affirmations to myself. And as much as I’m on twitter like the rest of you for either entertainment, business or just to waste time, I have moments when I want to read something uplifting and inspiring. @LOAGold and @TDL are two examples of twitter accounts that I follow and often favorite for positive reinforcement. Sometimes a positive tweet reminds me of someone with whom I need to share it. So I favorite the tweet and when the person is “live” tweeting, I retweet with a comment to share it with them.

• Autotweet

“Live” tweeting? What is that? It’s a term used by those of us who use an autotweeter. We need sleep, you know? Live tweeting is when we are actually online tweeting and not the autotweeter. As a blogger, I use autotweets for my blogs. However, there are sometimes that I find a tweet, quote, another person, another blogger and even a musician so inspiring that I’ll favorite the tweet with a link to remind myself to put it in autotweet to share with my followers at different times since we all live in different time zones or tweet at different times.

• Follow Back

It’s Follow Friday, and this is the craziest day to get anyone to follow you or you to follow anyone else. Usually people have a list of other people along with you in a tweet with the hashtag #FF. Before I retweet the initial tweet I like to look closely at bios, timelines and who people are specifically following and who their followers are. It’s my way of filtering out the spam accounts and bot accounts. But because I’m such a busy body, I’m always on the go and can’t check who’s who. I favorite the tweet to do a more thorough filtering later.

• List

Accessing my lists can sometimes be annoying. I have to go through a couple of menus when I’m using my iPhone apps. Depending on which app one uses for twitter, there can be quite a few menus they have to access just to get to their lists and who they want to list. With a press of the favorite star, I’m reminding myself to list the tweeter later.

• Read, Watch & Listen

I follow a lot of writers, musicians and others in the art industry as well as people who post links about news, comedy and other current event issues. Again, when I’m on the go or don’t have time to see what the link entails, I favorite the tweet for a later viewing.

• To Do

People give such great advice on twitter. I love love love free advice! I especially love love love free recipes! I’ll favorite these specifics tweets so that I can try them out. I’ve found the advice and recommendations people give on twitter to not only be a kind gesture, but helpful as well. That’s why I reciprocate the random act of kindnesses with my own free tips (fitness, home remedies, do-it-yourself home fixes, guitar/ukulele chords, song lyrics, etc).

• Reference

Some of my favorite tweeters are musicians and writers. Their play with words and art that they share are all so inspiring to me. They share links of advice on music and writing tips daily that I favorite them to read
more thoroughly and try to apply them to my life. I am appreciative especially to the writers I follow and that follow me on twitter because they keep me motivated and inspired to continue my dream of having my work be published some day. Referencing their tips on all things writing helps me a lot. Favoriting these tweets reminds me who to thank later for the awesome advice (#dude).

• Celebridom

Come on. If one of your favorite artists replied back to you or mentioned you, wouldn’t you favorite their tweet? Because I tweet music and tag verified accounts of my favorite musicians, I get retweeted a lot by them and their followers. Every so often they reply back with a smiley face or thank you. I most definitely favorite these tweets because they’re my favorite artists, of course. Ask Beliebers, Monsters and RihannaNavy supporters, they’ll tell you how great if feels to have been mentioned by their favorite entertainer.

There aren’t any wrong ways or right ways to “properly” use twitter favorites. There are a variety of ways to utilize the favorite feature. I don’t know how people do NOT use the feature. It’s like a filter for me. Without the favorite feature I’d be a horrible twitter follower because I wouldn’t remember who to thank for the advice, suggestions, positivity, retweets, etc. I like to give credit where credit is due and my favorites remind me daily to do just that.

What do you favorite on twitter? Is the feature useful or do you find it to be a waste od space?


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