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Dinner, Poker & Important Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mom


Things happen for a reason, right? My nightmare of a date (2nd of four) was so horrible that I pushed the 3rd date from tonight to tomorrow for a lunch date instead of a dinner date. I’m getting tired of dinner dates, so I figured I’d switch it up to lunch dates (I get bored easily and I’ll tune a person completely out if they don’t recognize my boredom). Luckily, I ran into 4 gentleman (I affectionately call them my bodyguards because they each range in height from 6’2″ to 6’5″) at the bar that were nice enough to chat and drink shots with me once I walked away from my blind date (see my Not Unusual? (Date 2) post). We exchanged numbers because they’re Bears fans, like myself, and we plan on tailgating together for the Bears vs. Packers game late September (By the way, congratulations to @paeabear92 (Stephen Paea) for signing with my Bears #GoBears).

I was very appreciative of such great company from my new bodyguards that I invited them and their significant others over for dinner (being cooped up in this flat with no one else has begun to take a toll on me). They arrived at the same time dressed casually (thank God! I wanted them to be comfortable). Everyone quickly piled into the dinner room and found their places (my aunt would be so proud of me for utilizing her etiquette course she put me through). As we ate and chatted about sports and the frantic feeding frenzy going on with the NFL free agents, we sipped on red wine (ok, I’ll admit it, we did more than just sipping). All this “sipping” had my dinner guests buzzed, chatty and ready to play some kind of game.


After cleaning up the table, we all agreed on poker. However, thanks to one of my bodyguards’ girlfriend’s, she lost the first hand and happened to take off her cardigan as the dealer was shuffling the cards. We all started jokingly telling her she must lose at strip poker often because she didn’t hesitate to take her cardigan off immediately after she lost that hand… And this is where the night got REALLY interesting. We all were down for some strip poker.

The last time I played strip poker was during my college days. College days. If I could tell you my most valuable and cherished memories from college, you would NOT send your kids to college (that’s a blog for another day). I’ll spare you those stories… for now. However, I will tell you that those of us that have gone to college or have been in an after party setting with friends, strangers, sometimes even family members, with a deck of cards, dominoes and any other group oriented kind of game, things become a WHOLE lot more interesting. Throw booze into the equation and things become more creative, fun, memorable and down right ‘MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY’ rated. This night, with these people, these games and our lovely friends grey goose, hyonotiq and henessy in the wee hours of the night made this night one of my most memorable nights in my adulthood.

Half naked, buzzed and loopy, my dinner guests and I couldn’t contain ourselves with double entendres, innuendoes and play with words anytime anyone said anything. And even though I won the game of poker, with cards covering places that I shall not mention (because I like to leave people imagining what might’ve, could’ve and would’ve happened. If you’re thinking it, yes, that’s what happened), the shenanigans had only just begun.


Amidst our MA-rated banter, we did take the time to ask each other questions to get to know each other better, like: Where you from? What college did you go to? What’s the difference between Tongan, Samoan and Hawaiian? Are you related to Troy Polumalu (@tpolumalu)? It got to a point where we were asking so many questions that it reminded me of my MOST memorable college game night after parties.

Questions. You just don’t know! If you think ball pong or any other drinking game is THE most fun drinking game EVER, have a seat. You’ve not partied until you’ve played a game of questions. QUESTIONS is, BY FAR, the QUINTESSENTIAL mother of all drinking games (I find myself laughing to myself at people who ask me questions because it always sparks up a memory from past question games). The objective of questions is to obviously be the one who is not drunk at the end of the game (EVERYONE ends up drunk at the end of this game. Be prepared). Questions requires wit, fun with words, courage, naughtiness, use of imagination and the ability to think quick on your feet… all while buzzed and eventually drunk off your ass (in college some of my friends replaced alcohol with an occasional whif of puff. The game gets more funny with those kinds of players involved. I wouldn’t recommend it because of OBVIOUS reasons).

To pick the person who starts the game, we took the deck of cards from our poker game and each picked one out from the deck. The highest card goes first. The most important rule of the game is: every question that is asked MUST be answered with a question. Don’t you hate when people answer a question with a question? [Well… I don’t, because my sarcasm and level of whittiness are put to great use daily. That’s probably why I love this game so much (lol)]. The second most important rule of this game is: direct eye contact must be made with the person to whom you are asking the question (otherwise the person who asked the question has to take a shot). However, as the game continues, direct eye contact is hard (after a few shots) and people end up pointing to the person to whom they’re asking the question, sometimes even touching the person on the hand or arm (if they’re directly adjacent to the one asking the question). The third rule: If the person being asked the question stutters, pauses, actually answers the question they’re being asked (not in a form of a question) or struggles in any way to reply back with a question that person must take a shot and then start a new round. The fourh rule of thumb: a question cannot be answered with the same question that was asked. And the fifth rule: If the questioner, in any way, stutters, pauses or struggles with asking question, they lose and must take a shot.

Before the game started I brought out the remainder of jello shots I made so we could finish those off in our first few rounds of the game. I then poured 40 shots of mixed booze shots for the upcoming rounds once the jello shots were done. Always… and I mean ALWAYS… prepare the drinks in advance because as the game gets interesting and people get drunk and buzzed, it gets harder to pour drinks evenly and fairly. A fight usually breaks out and arguing with drunk people is not my thing. Trust me. It has happened. Getting semi-buzzed people to agree on what’s a fair amount of alcohol in a shot glass is easier than getting drunk people to agree on that issue, let alone every and any other issue. Pouring the alcohol in advance is the safer route to go.

The first few rounds of Questions warms the players up to how the game is played. It just takes that ONE person to break the ice to really get the game TRULY started. And you guessed it people, I am ALWAYS THAT person (breaking the ice in this game is fun). The round where I decided to break the ice was actually quite funny. It was somewhere around the sixth or seventh round. Normal questions were being asked and everyone was answering back correctly in question form: “Is the sky blue?”, “Is the grass green?”, “Does the wind blow?”, “Is your seat cushion hard?”…and then Geoff (one of my bodyguards) boldly asked me “What do you like?” and I replied with “Don’t you like your seat cushion hard while she blows you while you smoke some grass and get high as the blue sky?” … *ting* … no need for you to guess who lost that round or even who won that round. THE GAME OFFICIALLY STARTED. From that round on the game got funnier, more interesting, personal, pleasurable, painful, paculiar, protensious and “poppin” (ever since I watched Mr’s Popper’s Penguins I’ve been using “P” words up the wazoo thanks to his personal assistant Pippy). I won’t go into great detail of the later rounds, but if you’re thinking the question was asked, IT WAS… with a twist… an MA-rated twist at that.

By the end of the night we were all drunk, but I thought I was just “buzzed”… until I re-read my twitter timeline the next morning. I had tweeted about being tempted to blog while in this state and trying to channel my inner @amuuso (one of my top 10 favorite bloggers that blogs and tweets while drinking or drunk. He really is quite funny). One of my tweets stated that I didn’t remember a tweet that just popped up… then I remembered a friend had scheduled my autotweets for me earlier that day. Yeah, I don’t drink often and I knew then why I DON’T and SHOULDN’T, but sometimes I just want to let my hair down and have a good time with great company. Speaking of company, I took my guests keys away from them and told them they didn’t have a choice but to stay the night. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.
As much fun as we had, I didn’t want to get a phone call later or flip on the news the next morning and wake up to some horrific news of one of my bodyguards and their significant others wrapped around a pole or something.

You can say, today was a good day… and definitely a great night. The silliness continued in the morning, but I’ll continue the story in my next post.

Making new friends has been fun. I’ve always been very sociable and hospitable It’s in my blood. It’s how I was raised. It’s part of my Polynesian culture. As ungrateful as I was with blind date 2 (dressed like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lookin’ dude), I am that much more and extremely grateful for my newfound friends. We had a blast!

Life is too short. Be open to new things in life, yet be responsible. New friends, new food, new books… anything. There’s a big world out there. Learn something from it.

Are you open to new friendships? As a means to let down your hair and just have fun, are you open to playing games like Questions and Strip Poker?


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In a few weeks he moves on to perform again. I’m excited for him! Just because I’m his throw coach, doesn’t mean I don’t support and encourage my throwers other talents and gifts. Congratulations @deseancarey!

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