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MMM (Date 1)


As many of you know, especially my twitter followers, I tweeted about my college mentor setting me up on four blind dates as I watch her place in the downtown St. Louis area for the next week and 3 days. I wasn’t happy about the whole idea of blind dating, especially since I’m in a town where I don’t know anyone but my mentor (I know one person but he’s irrelevant at this point). But because she forced me to sign a contract that not only included clauses like “no visitors during after-hours unless it is an emergency” and “no pets”, but also clauses such as “I agree to going on 4 blind dates with each man my mentor has set up (all expenses paid, clothes and accessories included)” and “emergencies are defined as family emergency, you are injured or one of your dates would like to spend the night over” (My mentor is funny like that. She’s the cool mom that understands that I needed time and space to write but also that I have needs too).

I’m rambling and all of you are wondering how my date went. How did it go? I couldn’t have imagined it any better! He picked me up a few mintues early, brought flowers, embraced and kissed me on the cheek and he complimented me on my perfume amongst other things (I hate perfume but I bought a bottle of Gucci Guilty the other night because the subtlety of the scent was sweet and sexy and it screamed BUY ME).

Whenever I meet a person, I associate that person with a song. Upon first seeing my date, the song that came to mind was Laura Izibor’s song MMM. He’s easy on the eyes but his demeanor and aura are magnetic and mysterious. As we ate, talked and sipped on wine (I don’t normally drink on first dates. Oh well) he gently kissed my hands and arms the duration of dinner and occasionally brushed his hands over my lower back, quadriceps and knees. Goose bumps is all I remember. I know we talked, but I can’t seem to remember anything but when he gently touched me. Selective memory I guess. lol

I normally hate when people read over my shoulder, but I’m posting this as I sit between his legs propped up against him as he embraces me with my back to him. I can’t even really think about my next few THOUGHTS let alone sentences because his nose nuzzling up against the nape of my neck and gentle kisses and flickers of his tongue across my back and shoulders, while his fingers run through my hair and across my arms and legs are ABSOLUTELY devilishly distracting but I’m trying to share the joy in being genuinely and gently embraced (He says “hello readers!”).

The irony of having just blogged about the Art of Kissing and the language one speaks when placing kisses on specific body parts is funny to me. I believe I’ve met my match, in terms of Kissing 101! He’s now intrigued with what I’ve written in that post, so I’ll let him read that post now. That would mean, it’s my turn to devilishly distract him as he reads. Let’s see how successful he is in doing so. (I don’t normally kiss on the first date, but that list is long gone now. I made a new one, remember that blog post?) ;P

Since Date 2 isn’t scheduled ’til next Tuesday, it looks like our second date is scheduled for tomorrow evening! YAAAAAY!

Until next time, signing off. XoXoX


4 comments on “MMM (Date 1)

  1. Lani
    July 22, 2011

    whew! its getting a little hot in here…Beautiful imagery… and happy for you that the 1st blind date has turned out rather magical!


    • LyfesLyfe
      July 22, 2011

      Thanks Lani! The post was supposed to be about what we did on the date and how bored I was but as you read… I was a little distracted and it was everything BUT boring.

      I had to re-read the post this morning because I couldn’t remember what I wrote. He seems to enjoy distracting me as I struggle to focus on writing. It’s actually quite funny now that I re-read this post. Blogging while being kissed is tougher than your experience with flying. More pleasurable, but still tougher nonetheless. πŸ™‚


  2. Big Paul (@Paulynesian)
    October 21, 2011

    Uh huh….about these clauses……!!! Hahahahaha. *note to self: Namu’i ange Gucci Guilty*. THIS is epic in the making and catastrophic on the senses…all the goodies that Involve “throwing caution to the wind”


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