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Kissing is an Art and Art Has No Boundaries


I’m always complimented on my bear hugs. I believe that’s because I want a person to feel my genuine happiness in seeing them when I hug them. Depending on who the person is, I’ll hug a few more seconds longer than usual. But my favorite hugs to give and receive are from behind. These hugs, when I give them, end up leading to more than just a hug (I’m sure you get my drift). But there’s no greater joy in life than a passionate kiss. Okay, so there ARE greater joys in life other than kissing but if you’ve ever been in a kissing session and completely lost track of time, lost your trail of thought, hair stood up on the back of your neck and had chicken skin moments the duration of the experience… then you’d empathize with what I’m talking about.

Before I get into passionate kissing, let’s first discuss the art of kissing and the language you speak with every kiss. Yes people, there is an art to kissing and depending on where you kiss a woman, you’re sending her a message with every kiss. No men, NEVER try to kiss your lover when she’s mad, cleaning, cooking or caring for the kids. She’s likely to go HAM on you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t even try it!

Practice kissing when she’s feeling sexy and confident. So put away your mirrors because kissing a flat cold surface is NOTHING like actually kissing a person. Put away your pillow because caressing and kissing it for practice makes me look at pillows oddly. Put away your stuffed animal because that’s all kinds of demented when you give your child (years later) the stuffed animal as a sentimental gift. Put down your hand because practicing on your hand is ( o_O ) creepy! Yes, people do kiss the oddest inanimate objects to get what they think is some good “practice”. An actual person works best. I’m not saying to grab just anyone and get to it (although some women have given me permission to show their man how to kiss a woman)! I’m simply saying, if you have a boyfriend, significant other or spouse, practice with him/her. Get them to try different techniques and carefully placing kisses where you don’t normally kiss him/her Trust me, kissing can be just as orgasmic as the actual act of intercourse. That’s only if you’re willing to be a student and are open to trying different techniques and that’ll turn you into THAT much more of a great kisser. Taking the time to read this post shows you care enough to research ways to please your lover.

The ability to kiss well and have it received well is to be mentally and emotionally there. Be in the present when you’re kissing the one you like/love. It’s more meaningful. No one likes kissing someone they really don’t like/love. But no one, most definitely, does not like kissing someone disinterested and distracted. It’s a turn off. Although, some people DO do that, it’s not what I’d recommend. Your kiss won’t be as memorable.

This “tutorial”, if that’s what you want to call it, is for people looking to try something new to spice up their relationship or surprise their lover with a new way of kissing or simply for those who are curious as to what I’m going to write next. So… continue reading then. 😛

To be emotionally and mentally present when you’re kissing someone, you have to be focused in on the person. And if you are really digging the person, that’s not hard to do. But the art of kissing isn’t only an act for your lips and tongue. It’s for every body part and nerve ending. That being said, a great kisser is a great MULTITASKER. While there’s obvious work going on with the lips and tongue, there should ALWAYS be gentle touching with the hands while kissing. I mean, can you imagine what it’d be like just kissing a person without any other body part touching but the lips? No bueno! In fact, imagining that is like Barbie an Ken being forced to kiss by the hands of a child during playtime (Funny visual, but even more hilarious pun that was definitely not intended).


I’m discussing this topic because my friends and I talk about it a lot. The importance of passionately being kissed and reciprocating those same kisses to show how appreciative we are of men who KNOW how to kiss. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones discussing the importance of knowing how to kiss. The other day I overheard a woman asking her boyfriend to try to kiss her specific ways because she likes that and likes this… so on and so forth. Unfortunately, he heard her but wasn’t listening to her. Me being me, I turned around and told him “what’s the harm in trying what she’s asking you to do? You’ll be rewarded for just trying, right?” Like a deer in headlights he looked back at me like “Why were you eavesdropping?”. I continued on by saying, “Just try it! Otherwise you and your couch will be best friends tonight.” Still dumbfounded that I was still talking he just sat and sipped on his beverage not knowing how to react. His girlfriend, on the other hand, started talking to me
a mile a minute as if I were a relationship counselor. Long story short, I don’t know if he was listening to her, but I hope he makes an effort to explore the options and suggestions his girlfriend recommended. I hope they find their way to my blog too. lol


So here are a few pointers to help guide you as you discover the art of kissing from head to toe (from a female perspective for the men). I’d recommend you sit in a chair and let her sit in your lap (missionary style). Clothed or not, it doesn’t matter. After this so-called tutorial, you’d probably be in a completely different room and wondering “where am I?”

Here we go…


1) Lips, tongue & teeth:

A simple slight tilt of the head is always required! Duh! Your noses will bump. But exploring her mouth with occasional flicks with the tip of your tongue is sure to drive her crazy. NEVER force your tongue down a her throat. That’s completely a turn off. Kissing is like foreplay, take it slow. Simply run your tongue across her lips quickly and if she welcomes your playful tongue (by a simple tighter squeeze to draw you in), then that’s an opportune time to explore her mouth with your tongue. Her lips, her teeth and her tongue are all game if she’s welcoming you with open… uh… (arms?) in this case mouth.

How can you tell she’s welcoming you to kiss her longer? Hugging you closer, gently holding your head in her hands as she runs her hands through your hair and even the slightest pull of your hair, her hands running gently down your back and ending on the back pockets of your pants are just a few clues to showing you she wants more of what you’re already offering her or about to offer her.


Kissing upside down is just as fun! Try it! When she’s sitting down and you tilt her head up and you kiss her lower lip (I’d recommend slightly and occasionally nibbling on her lower lip in this position). She’ll just end up wanting to kiss you right side up.

2) Neck, Ears & Shoulders

These are THE most sensitive parts *record scratches* okay… not THE most sensative spots to be kissed and sucked but most womens favorite spots to be pleased other than “Aussie” aka the land down under are these areas. These areas are places where women get that spine tingling, hair raising, goose bumpy feelings when a man places his kisses on her correctly and calculatively.


Nibbling. Nibbling in these areas is essential! Nibbling on her ears gets her attention. In the language of kissing, you’re telling her, “hello, want to play a game? I’m frisky.” Kissing and nibbling on her shoulders gets her to invite you in closer. You’re communicating to her that you want her. An occasional lick is okay but don’t get all doggy happy and lick her like a hungry dog. Just as I suggested with the lips, tongue and teeth, a simple flick of the tongue on in these areas will have her losing her mind. ESPECIALLY her neck!


As you nibble, lick an kiss her neck (slightly to the right/left of her throat), simultaneously run your fingertips or nails (if you have any) gently over her shoulders, down her back, around and back down her arms, ending on her quadriceps. (Kissing her in this area let’s her know that this moment and you both together, is meant to be). Feel anything? (ON HER, NOT YOU!) Gooose bumps!!! If you feel her goose bumps, you’re doing EVERYTHING right! Hopefully she’s tentative to your needs and is feeling for your chills as you are hers.


As for the abdominal area, that’s sure to drive her mad. Kissing her in this area tells her you’re ready for the inevidible. The area just to the left/right of the belly button, just above the pelvic hip bone, is a spot that is sure to make her squirm. You don’t even have to be kissing her there to make her squirm. Have her lye on her back, close her eyes and allow your fingertips to explore where she’s most ticklish. If she can barely keep still because of your touch, kiss her in those places. More specifically, kiss her where she pushes your hand away because she just can’t bare you touching her there. Because even though she’s pushing your hand away, she actually wants you to continue on.


Whether it’s on the tummy, nape of the neck, between the shoulder blades or the lower back (where tramp stamps are often placed), those sensitive areas will most definitely drive her crazy. By then, her patience is wearing thin, which is good for you, but I’d recommend “torturing” her for a while longer as you explore her body with your touch. Be it with your fingertips, lips, tongue or even an ice cube (holding it in your mouth is my recommendation), goose bumps will be popping up (pun not intended but humorous nonetheless) regardless.


4) Lower extremities

Most women are probably turned off by their toes in anyone’s mouth, even in an intimate setting. Hell, most men are as well. But thanks to Eddie Murphy in the movie Boomerang, there are quite a few men and women who have come out the closey with their foot fetishes. If you’re the kind of person that is willing to explore the options of intimacy with feet, calves, back of the knees, hamstrings and quadriceps then do so! Spice it up! Kissing is an art and art has no boundaries. It’s an act of love and if you’re confident enough to explore with her and her with you, do so now because if it doesn’t work out with you both in the end you’ll probably never get that chance to explore so willingly and openly again.

Kissing from the toes and up to the outer and inner thighs will have her squirming for her life, but not away from you, more so for you to continue with your journey across her body. (No, I’m not going to give tips on how to kiss your woman “down there” because if you’ve read this far and actually experimented with your woman because of this “tutorial”, you should have no problems knowing how to please her in that lovely area). That’s a post for another day with a password required (lol).

Try different things. Be open with your lover. Welcome videos and toys as well (yet another post for yet another day with yet another password required) Whether it’s with your tongue or gently scraping your fingernails across her body as you both explore each others bodies with gentle kisses, licks, nibbles and sucks, find the places and things that you do that give her goose bumps. Take note of those places. Take note of what you did. Take note of how and when she squirmed. Just don’t get into a routine with your explorations. Leave the routine for work, eating and the kids activity schedule. Spice things up by changing it up. If you’ve fallen into a routine already, try role playing (again, another post for another day with yet another password required).

Love sees no boundaries. Go and explore! Exploring isn’t just meant for the bedroom, public places can be fun too: bathroom stalls, movie theatres, dressing rooms, etc. (and… another blog post for another day with another password required lol). Hurry! Rewards are sure to be awaiting your every kiss!


5 comments on “Kissing is an Art and Art Has No Boundaries

  1. Lani Young
    July 30, 2011

    You write the steamiest blogs. Educational and instructive though so steam on!


    • LyfesLyfe
      July 30, 2011

      ke ke ke Polynesian parents struggle with the birds and the bees talk. I, on the other hand, am open to sharing my thoughts, opinions and tutorials with anyone willing to learn. 😉 lol


  2. Renate Rivers
    July 30, 2011

    I need to go home. URGENTLY.


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