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Lyfes Lyrics: Wait Patiently

Waiting patiently for love is tough. Just as I had given up hope I met a gentleman at the beginning of this month. We corresponded through phone calls, texts and social networks. I thought I was pacing myself well, but apparently I had held my wall up too long. What did I do or didn’t do that kept me from connecting well with him? I don’t know, but I still am glad I got to know him.

In my previous post I opened up about how I felt about a person that I just started getting to know a couple weeks ago. I genuinely enjoyed conversing with him when I could, texting him into the wee hours of the night and even first thing in the mornings and throughout my day. Well… as of late, he’s unavailable. My initial reaction was, “damn that’s a cold-blooded way to notify people you’re now in a relationship.” Then a slight calm came over me. I’m genuinely happy for him. Yes, I’m human, so I’m jealous, hurt and pissed I wasn’t the one chosen, but getting to know him was invigorating. His dreams, his aspirations, his achievements, his laughter, his music, his writing… all of that I truly enjoyed and will miss. That’s not to say that I won’t stop texting him because I won’t. I’ll be more respectful of his journey with the one he’s chosen. Obviously I wish I was the one he connected with the most, but I cant help what he likes and to whom he is attracted. Even though we had so much in common in terms of age, hometown, music, school, friends and family, it wasn’t enough for him to realize that I was the one (so I thought). I thought we had a great connection, but I regret not talking to him on the phone more often or even stopping through to hang out or have a jam session with him (we live 3 hrs away from each other) since we both play the same instruments. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, right?

Everyone deserves a fair chance at the journey of love. All I can do is give him his space to connect with the woman he did choose. I’m genuinely happy for him and his newfound significant other. I did ask him why he didn’t initially tell me and he was honest enough to say he casually talked to many women and she’s the one he connected with the most. That’s fair, right? Yes! It is fair. So now I’m pissed at the women who are pissed at him for not being the chosen one. It speaks volumes about their motives. People love being in love. People love being loved. But if you can’t find joy in seeing a couple venture into their journey of love, then you don’t deserve love. PERIOD. (These women need to grow up!) Be happy for the man! Sheesh!

And after all that’s said and done, still my heart aches for his attention. His personality is extremely addictive. I find myself hearing his giggle in my head and often eating sunflower seeds (he eats them often) since I met him earlier this month. I’ll miss being called babe. I’ll most certainly miss our plans of having an all-star team of athletes and musicians because both of us are quite athletic and musically inclined. So for now, I’ll wait patiently… for him… for another love interest… or for another chance to get to know some one else.

Here’s to the handsome man that inspired me in many ways! I’m genuinely happy for you and yours. I’ll miss being able to openly and freely talk with you. As I step aside to let your love grow with the one you chose, I really hope she’s good to you and good for you and treats you like the King that I see you to be and truly are. MWAUGH/MWAH/MUAH!!!

(I am always playing this song on my ukulele, but only with an idea of the man to whom I was singing. Now I sing this song with you in mind and as short as the song is, I can’t get through the entire song without tearing and getting choked up. Ou te alofa ia te oe.)

Wait Patiently (original) performed by Loleini Unga

[I’ve] said “someday maybe we could be until then you know I’ll wait patiently and though you may not see it now, someday you’ll be mine. So I’ll wait patiently”

[I’ve] said “I’ve seen you with those other girls and in my heart you know you’re wasting your time ’cause here with me, is where you should be. So until you realize, I’ll wait patiently. I’ll wait patiently.”

I know, and you know, that we should be together. I’ll wait however long it takes for you my love. So I’ll wait patiently. I’ll wait patiently.



4 comments on “Lyfes Lyrics: Wait Patiently

  1. FatFemPinUp
    July 18, 2011

    i know exactly how yu feel ………but i really like this guy……..ok who am I kidding I LOVE HIM and he is no kinda good for me so I actually wish he WOULD get into a relationship, yes it would hurt but then I wouldn’t torture myself with the maybe’s and the wishes that probably wont come to fruition. He lives 2 hrs away from me sigh** it mind as well be 6 states away


    • LyfesLyfe
      July 18, 2011

      I’m 3 hrs from this beautiful man and have been in his town twice since we met but never stopped through to just hang out because of my damn baggage from my previous relationship. Holding on to my feelings because of fear instead of opening up because of love… I’m having some assbackwards thoughts today, but I want to push positivity and love his way because I want him to be happy. It’s hard because I’m not the one he chose, but I’m the kind of person who just wants him to smile and be happy. I hope she treats him like the King I see him as and the King I know he is. Just a day or two late and I regret not
      opening up to him earlier. Did you see my previous post? I called him 11 times to tell him I LOVE YOU and I chickened out BIG TIME and I feel like I blocked my blessing. ugh! Everything happens for a reason, but I’m really curious what the reason is for this. girl, I’m on one now. lol


      • FatFemPinUp
        July 18, 2011

        yes everything happens for a reason and while it hurts now……..its probably for the best, I know its cheesy but that song “god blessed the broken road” is one that I hold hella close to my heart, every failed attempt at love, every hurt, every shoulda coulda and woulda is building up to that man, that moment…just have to wait ……….and you’ll know him when he comes….you probably wont even hesitate, you’ll be sure…..this guy that I’m urg head over heels for is the first guy that respected the way that I think AND is sexually attracted to me, those two combined drive a little crazy lol but if it doesnt work with him….if i get my heart broken …if nothing ever comes of it then I know that it wasnt meant to be, and I am THAT much closer to the one…which encourages me and upholds my smile


  2. LyfesLyfe
    July 18, 2011

    Awwww men say we’re complicated, but they’re just as if not more complicated LOL keep your spirits up as i will mine.


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