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[#ipodonshuffle Keri Hilson – Make Love]

What I love most about music is the way in which musicians find a special way
to express themselves and articulate to their audience an experience they have
either personally experienced, heard about and/or imagined. More specifically, I
have a great appreciation for artists that subliminally and sensually sing about
sex and foreplay. Of course the lyrical content and context of a song is one way
in which writers try to capture a listeners attention, just as a singer tries to
capture a listeners attention with their riffs, verbrato, tonality and
performance of a song. Prior to her success as a singer, Keri Hilson was writing
songs for big named acts such as Toni Braxton, Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland.
She, of course, still writes and is part of a five person writing team called
The Clutch. When Timbaland (my favorite producer) signed her to his label after
her appearance she made with Xibit on a european awards show and featured her on
his Shock Value album, she shot straight to the top. Her experience with
songwriting and her ability to convey the message to her audience is most
definitely GENIUS. Theres no hiding what she’s singing about in her song Make
Love. It’s her delivery and execution that captivates me everytime I listen to
it. She’s not just singing about making love, her delivery parallels what she’s
singing about. Her delivery of the Make Love quintessentially matches that of
the actual act of making love. Keri begins her song with singing slowly all the
while lyrically singing that she’s going to take things slow. The beginning of
the song is sung in such a way that it sounds like foreplay. For most women,
foreplay is key to a satisfactory night of love making. Foreplay is like the
smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in an oven. The simple scent of the
cookies prepares your body for eating them. Your taste buds run wild as you wait
for the oven timer bell to ding, yet your mind understands that you want them to
be just perfect when you finally taste one, so they have to be fully ready. In
5:22 With Make Love, Keri successfully delivers her song as if she was
committing the actual act of making love while singing. The first verse is sung
as if it’s foreplay. Keri sings about what’s about to go down. She goes on to
sing the chorus and sings as if it represents the moments of slow strokes during
love making. By the time the second verse rolls around, Keri’s riffs and lyrics
embodies the climb a couple experiences to a simultaneous climax. The bridge is
the actual climax moment. The high notes she eloquently ties with her riffs as
she brings the song to an end is most definitely perfection. The sigh of relief
after hours of ecstasy. From a woman’s perspective, I can honestly say that I
can completely relate to the song in it’s entirety. I can only imagine what men
think. What exactly do they hear when they hear this song? Is it as sensual as I
hear it or is it more sexual for them? *shrugs*

Make Love performed by Keri Hikson

Love, love, love Love, love, love Love, love,
love Oh baby, oh baby Love, love, love Love, love, love Love, love, oh baby, oh
baby Tonight we’re gonna do somethin’ different Tonight we’re gonna touch a
little different I’m gonna wait on you hand and foot, like the king you are,
baby Just lay back and I’ll show you the way ‘Cause tonight we’re gonna kiss a
little different I’m gonna make your body feel a little different I hope you’re
ready, ready, ready, ready for love Oh, ‘cause we gonna make Love, love, love
Love, love, love Love, love, love Oh baby, oh baby (Oh, we gonna make love)
Love, love, love Love, love, love Love, love, oh baby, oh baby I see it in your
eyes that you’re surprised now I’m gonna put this thing on you, I’ll blow your
mind out And just watch how your body shake Don’t stop it, just let it shake,
I’ll control your body tonight ‘Cause I know nobody ever touch your body like me
And what I done to you baby, I’ll promise you’ll never leave ‘Cause you wouldn’t
know what to do with yourself After one night with me, oh, we gonna make Love,
love, love (Oh, we gonna make love) Love, love, love Love, love, love Oh baby,
oh baby (Oh, baby) Love, love, love Love, love, love (You ready? I’m ready?)
Love, love, oh baby, oh baby All the ladies in the house tonight Look at your
men and tell ‘em, “Ooh baby, tonight We gonna make love, we gonna make love” All
the fellas in the house tonight Look at your girl and tell ‘em, “Baby tonight We
gonna make love, we gonna make love” Love, love, love Love, love, love (We gonna
make love) Love, love, love, oh baby, oh baby Love, love, love (Yes, we are)
Love, love, love (We gonna make love) Love, love, oh baby, oh baby (Everybody
say we gonna make love)


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