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[#ipodonrepeat @anuheajams – Crown Royal]

A beautifully written song about alcoholism. That introduction sounded a bit like an oxymoron, but this song was so eloquently written that I can even envision the music video if Anuhea did do one for this song. Matched with my childhood days of playing chess, my background in journalism and film have completely changed the way I see things in life. If my mind isn’t working like a jukebox (I often break out in song when someone says something that is an actual lyric from a song), you can bet that it’s working like a film. My mind has a tendency to play out like a movie. I’ll get to what my idea of the video should be later.

I personally, don’t drink. Only occassionally, and when I say occassionally I mean once in a blue moon… twice a year… and some years not at all. My college years are the only years I did drink. To this day my friends wonder how I could out drink the squad and still hold my liquor. I simply told them alcoholism is genetic. (i dont even know if thats true.) I’ve since
stopped. But just because I don’t drink now doesn’t mean I’ve not seen what alcoholism can do first hand. I’ve witnessed how the disease ruins lives. My parents use to drink and they’d always have friends over and go to parties. I have aunts and uncles that were alcoholics. Intertwined with all the booze and “mudweiser” (yes, I said mudweiser), came violence and domestic abuse. Yet, amidst all the traumatizing situations related to alcoholism that I witnessed growing up, my nights listening from my bedroom window to the sounds of Tongan and Samoan songs being sung by the men of our community are what really captured my attention. No matter how many men would be singing as they drank kava, I could easily hear my father’s voice (probably because I was use to harmonizing along with him at home and on drives around town). My father’s tonality and voice control when singing is absolutely angelic. I know, I’m biased and a daddy’s girl, but I don’t care. No one can tell me different. From the kumete, to the church, the same men that were singing around the kava circle all weekend and week nights were the same men in the Sunday choir. Singing Sunday hymns in English and in Tongan, these kava-holic men managed to still sing angelically. I’ll never understand how they do it, but those are the days when I was first introduced to specific Tongan songs and hymns. When I hear specific songs from my childhood, it takes me back to my days of listening to the tunes from my bedroom window. Today, my desk faces my window. In college, my desk faced a window, all because of this specific childhood memory. Anuhea’s song, Crown Royal, brought back some ugly memories, but on the other hand it brought back fond memories. I hope she does a video for it. I hope she finds her way to my idea of how the video should go.

This is what my storyboard for this song would be: the video opens with Hea finishing a gig andheading for the bar. *music begins* and FF hours later of her slumped over the bar with an empty cup in hand and a bottle of Crown Royal nearby. A handsome gentleman next to her sees her and taps her gently and she looks at him but the scene slowly fades and blurrs out. *2nd verse starts* and the video picks back up of her waking up already in her bed as the sunrises from her beach front view. She’s a little discombobulated with an empty cup in hand. She sees a bottle of Crown Royal on her nightsand but sluggishly gets up and puts the cup down on the nightstand. She walks through her condo looking at family photos but because of her disease (alcoholism) she’s been distant lately, particularly from the ones she loves. She spots a bottle of Crown Royal at the bar. She turns away and looks out on the beach. She heads for the kitchen. She looks in the fridge for something to eat, looks at expired milk and takes another look at another bottle of Crown Royal sitting in her fridge. She makes her way to the bathroom and looks in the mirror at her smeared make up and tangled hair. She turns on the shower and she cries in the shower disappointed in how she’s gotten to where she is now. The camera zooms out to the steamed mirror and fades to white. As the guitar solo plays shes in an AA meeting and once its done, on the lyrics “this is a love song” she walks out looking for her ride and she waves down her ride. As she opens the door to the car the handsome gentleman from the bar is her man now. She kisses him on his tribal tattoo of the Crown Royal logo on his shoulder and kisses him on the lips. Buckles up and they ride off into the sunset as he let’s the top down to the convertible she raises her hands in the air. FREE! 🙂 zoom out to the sky and clouds *fade to white*

Crown Royal performed by Anuhea

This is a love song about a king A twisted love that leaves me kneeling I
try time and again to turn him away but the lights and the music and the vibe
make him stay, oh Im knee-deep in agony Why do you torture me? I know it’s only
a void you’re filling But I’ve fallen in love with a king Ive fallen in love
with a king Preventing me from achieving my dreams I wouldn’t even let an enemy
suffer through his schemes He sets me up to let me down every morning He wastes
my time and money makes me not say what I mean You wear your crown so royally
Dressed in purple majesty With no intention for love intensity, I’ve fallen in
love with a king It seems like when I need relief, you always come and around
and make it nicer Your’e so nice hey yeah When morning comes I feel so dumb I
realize it’s not the way to cope with the pain It’s driving me crazy To see the
spiral down and now I just wanted to wear your crown and feel like the queen
that I’m meant to be Won’t somebody, anybody, help me?


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