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I Can’t Sleep

 R-Kelly (@rkelly) – I Can’t Sleep Baby

What was supposed to be a quiet night of sipping on tea and writing at home in my bra and boy shorts, turned out to be an adventurous night in a town where I was unknown. The things I do when I can’t sleep. As big as the town I live in is, I still know people and people never forget my face because I’m “exotic” looking. At least thats what they tell me. Having an exotic look wouldn’t be a factor if I lived on the west coast near my family because there are pockets of communities of polynesians that exist along the west coast. I’d be just another exotic face. Here in the midwest, not so much.

So what do you do when you feel like you can’t let your hair down in your own town? I don’t know about you, but what my friends and I do is go to a town where we don’t know anyone and where people don’t know us. Why? As females, there are times we just want Calgon to take us away. My friends had that kind of day on the same day and decided to spontaneously include me in on there adventure. They know I don’t get out much, in terms of the club scene. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an occasional club outting but you’ll never find me regularly out and about. Bar hopping and weekend clubbing isn’t my thing. However, when I do go out, I make a night of it because you only live once. But… I live by many mottos and one of them is “never do anything you wouldn’t want your mom to read on the next morning’s front page of the paper”.

I had already had a day of two workouts. Where my friends thought I’d have the energy to go out dancing for a night was mind boggling to me. So… I went along. They didn’t tie me up, twist my arm or put a gun to my head to get me to go out of town on a whim for a few hours. In fact, it didn’t take much convincing because I was already sexually frustrated. It seems that they were just as sexually frustrated as I was because all of us hadn’t had any “good good” for…. Okay, that’s a blog for another day. Forget I brought that up.

Night on the Town


A night on the town with my friends makes me realize a lot of things about life. I miss genuine human physical contact. I don’t just mean that in a sexual way, but in a general sense. Thanks to social networks like facebook and twitter, I feel like people are losing their ability to connect with one another on an intimate level. Human contact isn’t the same when you’re face to face with a person. At least for me it isn’t. Whether it’s with my friends or a guy. Think about it, a night at home texting or skyping with friends can never be better than a fun night out on the town with friends, right? Actually, my friends and I can be goofballs even online, but that’s irrelevant to my point. Try getting to know a person online. Now imagine being on an actual date with that person; in the physical sense. Don’t you want your senses to be titillated; to feel the butterflies in your stomach before meeting him, his hand when you shake it for the first time, the way you blush when he compliments you on your attire, the playful conversation you have, the laughter, the sexual tension, the awkward silence, the nervousness of eating in front of each other, the uncomfortable topics you want to avoid but he touches on them anyways, the buzz you feel of half the wine bottle you’ve gulped down to try to mask your nervousness from him, your mind racing as your eyes grace over his hair, ears, eyes, nose and settle on his lips, the thoughts that run through your head when his foot accidentally touches yours under the table, the awkward moment when you expect to pay the bill and he fights you for it, the feeling you get when he not only opened your door and pulled out your chair but when he also gave you his coat when you clenched arms around yourself (not because it was cold but because you didn’t want to draw attention to your “headlights”), that moment when your eyes meet just before your first kiss… (Nevermind that the previous sentence is a run on sentence.)


Don’t you crave human contact or do you really enjoy sitting behind a computer or lying in bed updating your status and tweeting yourself to sleep? I’m sorry, but re-reading that run on sentence is a reminder of why physical human contact is so much more important and even better than human electronic contact. Those feelings, thoughts and emotions are essential to the way in which we interact with one another. The memories and emotions from actual physical human contact are what keeps our juices flowing. I can always count on my friends to get my juices flowing in more ways than one. They drive me bananas, make me laugh, make me cry, keep me company, keep me from sleeping and make me so tired I actually am able to sleep half the next day away, but I love the human interaction I have with them. You would think after an adventurous night out with them that I’d be asleep by now. Nope. Instead, I’m here blogging. Forget that I had a blast with them and that I’m more sexually frustrated now than I was before our very eventful night out due to their constant curiosity regarding one of my twitter followers. It didn’t help none that my friends found out that we were in the same town as said twitter follower. Friends, I tell you.

Even after hills, stadium stairs, a football field suicide circuit and a sand volleyball match after our night out, I’m still up. Funny what sexual frustration does to a woman. Physical human contact can be so pleasurable and yet unsatisfactory, but either way, Facebook and Twitter are hindering our natural abilities to interact with one another face to face. Get out more. Quit lying in bed with your phone and interacting with people via social networks. Don’t you want to feel what it’s like to meet up with old friends and new people? It could lead to something more rewarding.

For now, my reward is sleep. Since I’ve not rested my eyes for nearly 30+ hours. Watching my friends sleep while I blog isn’t going to help. Until next time, manuia le po.

I Can’t Sleep Baby” performed by R.Kelly

Girl I must have been crazy
To say that it was over
I had to be a fool
To yell out we were through
And now I’m all alone
And feeling down and out baby
When I never
Meant for this to end
It was so so crazy of me
Sometimes we say things that we really don’t mean
Well I’m sorry baby
Bring your lovin’ back to me

[1] – I can’t sleep babe
I can’t think babe
I can’t live babe
Without you in my life
I can’t go on babe
This is my song baby
Don’t wanna do nothin’ if I go away baby
And I can’t do nothin’ if you’re not around

Though I must admit
That things got out of hand
When you told me
That he was just a friend
I should of had my trust in you
From the very start darlin’
Cuz I never meant for this to end
How can we get it back again?
Oh sometimes a man can say things
That he really don’t mean
Well I’m sorry baby
Bring your lovin’ back to me

[Repeat 1]

Baby can we meet somewhere
And talk about it
Oh baby, can we work it out
I’m not gonna let you go my baby
Before I let you know that I

[Repeat 1 until fade]


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