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Even though this particular blog is primarily about my musical interests and my experiences around music, my interests span far beyond music. In fact, sports is quite prevalent in my life. Every week you’ll find me tweeting (@lyfeslyrics) about some physical activity in which I’m participating. If my brain isn’t thinking about music, you can bet that I’m thinking about sports (aside from “other things”). You’ll find that I’ll tweet about my daily workout routines and I’ll also occasionally give advice on things such as hydration, stretching, proper food intake, nutrition and/or training programs, due to my experience in Kinesiology and Sports. I’ll also occasionally tweet about the different sports I incorporate into my workout routines: basketball, volleyball (indoor and sand), tennis, racquetball, rugby, flag football, softball, etc. You name it, I play it… and if I don’t, I’m open to trying it.

Aside from sports, I enjoy writing poetry, but I don’t often share my pieces unless I feel compelled to do so. My poetry stems from a childhood of reading, journaling and word games (i.e.-Scrabble, Word Search and Hanging With Friends). My fascination with words and word play led to my love for creative and technical writing. For me, writing is my outlet to speak and share what is or has been in my head. I wasn’t often given the chance to speak growing up, but I learned quite quickly my first semester in college that writing 20 – 40 page papers the night before they’re due was something that came quite easily to me. I embraced my gift… even when in times it failed me (I hate writer’s block).

You’d think sports and writing would be enough, right? Wrong! I love movies, and you’ll occasionally find me not only tweeting about them, but also blogging about them or even the movie going experience. I love that movies visually help us escape the actual world we live in, as music aurally does the same to me.

Aside from sports, poetry and movies, studio/film production is a passion of mine. In actuality, it’s a rite of passage. It’s a passion that runs in the family and comes naturally. My love for laughter, love and life can all be prevalent in my writings. I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing for self therapy.

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